GIOVANNA is "that" pair of stockings. Every other pair of stockings wants to be her, and every stocking wearer wants to wear her. Why? To begin with, she's assumed her rightful place on our "thigh high of the month" throne. Secondly, she won't be around for long. GIOVANNA embodies the "good things can't last forever" philosophy. She's unique, rare, one-of-a-kind, and entirely limited addition.

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If you're wondering why we're nigh-on worshiping these thigh highs – here's our first reason.

Designed For You

GIOVANNA thigh highs wear you as you wear them – they feel just like skin! To this skin-like effect, they owe everything to a traditional sewing method. You see, GIOVANNA is composed of sheets of lace that are sewn expertly together to meld to your leg, as opposed to more the modern method of sewing using a circular knitting machine. So, GIOVANNA is a little more old-school and all the more remarkable for it! Consequently, the sheets are explicitly crafted to match the shape of our legs.


And as an added, seductive bonus, a sultry back seam is created during the process that adds a textured layer of mystery and magic. Really, GIOVANNA was made to make you feel like an enchantress.

In fact, it's this very otherworldly allure that brings us on to our next point:


GIOVANNA is Simply Gorgeous

Her timeless elegance is evoked out of Italian lace that's decorated with images from nature. A sort of "strolling through an 18th-century palatial garden" aura is created through the use of various embroidered leaves, stems, and other such natural components.

Overall, however, underpinning GIOVANNA's organic appeal is a seductive look that casts images of passion, elegance, and pure fieriness.

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Designed to Last

Moreover, GIOVANNA is as strong as she is beautiful. And how couldn't she be? Crafted using only the finest material alongside traditional Italian expertise, she was born to be perfection. The toe of our GIOVANNA thigh highs are reinforced using an invisible (read: imperceptible) extra strong material that goes the distance. Working our way up the stunning inseam to the very top of the stockings and we're met with a clear finishing line in the shape of a thick, solid black band that adds definition to not only the stockings but also your legs.


Comfortable & Endlessly Versatile

So, now that you can be sure of a comfortable fit – and we can guarantee comfort, we have never once had to pull up or adjust our GIOVANNA's once on, making them by far one of our favorites – you can decide where to flaunt them!

These Italian lace stockings go down a treat in absolutely any environment. Thanks to their high-quality material, they're breathable yet insulating, meaning you won't overheat indoors or shiver outside. And somehow, they've achieved the understated, delicate yet subtly bold look that works hard at every occasion. From a day at the office to the after-hour fun times – GIOVANNA is your only gal.

And did we mention that our GIOVANNA's are very serious about love? It's no secret that thigh highs are a welcome addition to the bedroom (or any other place that takes your heart's fancy,) and GIOVANNA fits right in!

November 05, 2021

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