At VienneMilano, we believe in helping women feel and be fabulous with luxury hosiery. Stockings are fabulous, but accidental rips and snags are certainly not. If you have been a long-time wearer of various tights and hosiery brands, you have likely run (no pun intended) into this dilemma.


We've gathered advice from several sources that hold the secrets to fixing stocking runs. Although we stand by the quality and sturdiness of our VienneMilano collections, we would like to pass these tips along just in case the unthinkable happens. Read on to learn four potential solutions for your distressed hosiery.

*Before you begin, always remove any jewelry or watches from your hands and take your stockings off — you would not want to get a sticky product on your legs or accidentally get stuck by a needle!

Solution 1: The Hairspray Method

  • Place one hand in the stocking underneath the run (make sure the run is not touching your skin)
  • Spray the run with the hairspray until the edges are saturated
  • Let the hairspray dry for 25-30 minutes
  • Go dancing
Hair Spray

Solution 2: The Clear Nail Polish Method

  • Place one hand in the stocking underneath the run (make sure the run is not touching your skin)
  • Apply a thin coat to the edges of the run with the clear nail polish
  • Let the polish dry for 15 minutes
  • Strut into the office

Nail Polish

After testing these two remedies (on runs we had to create ourselves — our products are tough!), we would recommend keeping the hairspray handy — hairspray is actually a universal remedy for hosiery since it also acts as a fantastic stain remover! For runs, in particular, its magic managed to not only stop the run from spreading it also did not leave a noticeable residue (we also recommend using a flexible hold spray, as it keeps the run from becoming too stiff).

"What is this magic," you might ask? The same polymers that give hairspray its holding power can also be found in glue, paint, and of course, acrylic hosiery. The alcohol also contained in hairspray provides stain removal abilities. However, you should avoid using the hairspray remedy on non-acrylic fabrics such as silk and velour because of the alcohol content.

The nail polish came in a close second as a run solution due to its fast-drying properties and ability to stop runs from spreading. However, it loses points due to the stiff, gunky, and noticeable residue that it leaves behind.

Here are two more (possible) solutions you could try:

Solution 3: The Sewing Method

  • Place one hand in the stocking underneath the run (make sure the run is not touching your skin)
  • Take a needle and a thin thread in a color that matches your stockings
  • Wear your favorite little black dress

Sewing kit

Solution 4: The Soap Method

  • Place one hand in the stocking underneath the run (make sure the run is not touching your skin)
  • Rub a dry bar of soap over the edges of the run
  • Enjoy your date night


While excellent at closing the run, Sewing leaves the bulky thread in its wake and does not stop the run from spreading. The soap not only failed to stop the run from spreading, but it also exacerbated the run and left a noticeable white residue and smell behind. We have included the soap and thread solutions in case they work under different circumstances (different soap, different thread, smaller run, etc.); however, we do not recommend the sewing or soap solutions based on our experimentation.

To be frank, rips and runs are not a topic we enjoy discussing, as we stand by the quality of our thigh high stockings. Nevertheless, when it comes to any fashion mishap, we at VienneMilano are always here to help!

Are you now ready to tackle your future runs head-on? We hope we have armed you with plenty of tips and tricks to staying fabulous, even in the face of wear and tear. We understand that maintenance will eventually take its toll on your hosiery if they are not stored or washed correctly. Some rips and runs will be beyond repair, and these tricks can require a lot of effort on your part. In any case, do not fret; there's still a chance to treat yourself. Why not save yourself the worry and get a pair of VienneMilano luxury thigh highs? Check out our ISABELLA sheers in black, hazelnut and chestnut brown, and continue to enhance your style and confidence! Also, using the voucher code LOVELY, you can save 10% on all VienneMilano hosiery! So why wait? Know any other secrets to stop runs in their tracks? Let us know in the comments section, and keep strutting! 

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June 15, 2018

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