Italian is one of the most beautiful languages. VienneMilano thigh highs are some of the most beautiful and luxurious hosiery out there. For this reason, the two naturally go together. Whether you are in Italy and want to know how to ask for specific styles, or you are just trying to impress your friends, our infographic is here to help you learn and better understand our products! We want all of our customers to know what they are wearing and the proper terminology for it.

Let’s start with the basics. Stockings in Italian is calza. A pair of thigh highs would be: un pair di calza. Similar to English, there are different types of hosiery. Socks are calzoni, pantyhose are collant, and our beloved thigh highs are known as auto-reggente (meaning they stay up by themselves). Now, that we have mastered the basics, let's get down to the technical terms…

With our incredibly comfortable and durable stockings, you will never be disappointed. We are incredibly proud of our product and love working with our friends in Italy to make sure that we provide you with the best hosiery possible. Want to try out our thigh highs for the first time? Already in love with our to-die-for stockings and want another pair? Use voucher code ITALY for $10 off. And as always, let us know what you think in the comments down below!

May 30, 2018

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