When you've got weddings on the brain, your mind is probably filled to the brim with thoughts of caterers, venues, cake tastings, DJs, flower arrangements, and -- of course -- your wedding dress. The typical bride spends an average of $1,564 just on the white gown, which means that this garment has understandably become the star of the show. But before you say "I do" to your betrothed, you may want to give some careful thought to the other components of your wedding day ensemble. No, not your veil, your shoes, or your jewelry (at least, not right now). Today, we're focusing on your hosiery: how to choose it, how to wear it, and how to prevent those mishaps every bride has nightmares about.

Bare Your Soul, Not Your Legs

Let's get this out of the way: unless you're getting married on the Canadian beach or in a ridiculously hot and humid environment, hosiery is a must on your wedding day. It'll keep you feeling secure and svelte all day long and stop thigh chafing during all the dancing you'll do. And even if you dutifully moisturize on a daily basis, bare legs simply aren't going to look as sleek in your wedding photos as a high-quality pair of nylons will. In the same way, your Vancouver wedding videographer can take more beautiful wedding photos of you with your elegant hosiery enhancing your overall wedding look.Plus, it'll help when it's time to throw the garter. After all, the whole point of a garter is to hold up your stockings; even if you don't wear thigh-highs on your special day, wearing hosiery of any kind will allow you to easily slip the garter off and toss it into the waiting crowd. Last but not least, wearing a pair of hose will probably make your shoes a lot more comfortable -- an absolute must for the long day (and night) ahead of you.

White stockings

Keep Your Outfit and Skin Tone in Mind When "Shoesing" Your Hosiery

Now that you've determined that you do, in fact, need to wear hosiery on your wedding day, it's time to choose the style and tone. There are a few things to keep in mind when making this decision -- namely: your dress, your shoes, and your skin tone.

The silhouette and even the material of your dress will play a part in choosing your stockings. If your dress is form-fitting or shorter in length, you'll probably want to choose a pair that will shape your body and show off your assets. That way, you won't have to worry a bit about your figure and can focus on what's actually important. For those who have chosen a gown with a dropped waist, thigh-highs may be a more appropriate choice. And if you're going for the full princess effect, it's really up to you. No matter what, you should choose the style you're most comfortable with. You can have a trial run before the day to determine which will work best.

When it comes to hosiery and other kinds of undergarments, remember to match your skin tone and not your dress. If you opt for a garter belt, aim for something neutral rather than white. And while it's fine to have fun with the lace of your thigh-highs, be sure to pick something that's truly sheer and that won't give off a strange hue when the camera bulbs start to go off.


Make Your Hosiery the "Thigh"-light

You don't have to go the subtle route with your stockings. It's your day, so your hosiery shouldn't have to be boring! Thigh high stockings can add luxury, excitement, and even a retro flair to any outfit -- and yet they won't steal the show or overshadow your all-important wedding dress. And because they won't slip, you can skip the garter belt entirely. Even better, you can coordinate with your bridesmaids to ensure a seamless look (even if you've chosen seamed stockings!). No matter your personal style or the wedding day weather, VienneMilano's luxury thigh high stockings can make you feel special and look your best when you walk down the aisle -- or when you walk down the street on any other day.

Bridal Stockings

Comfort and Control Will Prevent Cold Feet

Although fashion may win out over function in other aspects, your hosiery choices should prioritize comfort or control (depending on your preferences). Comfort is usually a bit more important, since you'll be wearing your tights for many hours. Feeling physically uncomfortable on your wedding day is the last thing any bride (or bridesmaid) wants. Thicker, high-quality tights with a wide waistband will stay up without digging into your body in painful ways.

If your dress hugs your body tightly, tummy control might be of particular concern to you; you may have to try to balance both comfort and control here. But too much support can be a bad thing, as it can make it harder to breathe, move, or obtain proper circulation. To prevent both literal and proverbial cold feet, make sure your hosiery is the right size (you may want to order a size up to ensure it's comfortable and prevent rips!).

You probably know your hosiery size when you use stockings in the office or business daily. But if not, you can buy the right size of hosiery by checking the seller's or manufacturer's measurement or sizing guide. Product listing pages online usually provide this information. If you’re short on time, purchase a couple of pairs with different sizes to ensure you can pick the best one for your wedding.

Avoiding the Runaway Bride Tights

Ah, the dreaded run in the stocking -- one of every bride's worst fears. No one wants to walk down the aisle with a big hole in their nylons. Unfortunately, even high-quality stockings can rip if you're careless. That's why you'll need to plan ahead.

First of all, avoid the pantyhose section at the grocery store and buy a really good pair instead. It may cost a bit more than you'd expect to pay at the supermarket, but remember that this is for your wedding day! You'll want to make sure it lasts through thick and thin, just like your marriage. While you're at it, buy at least two back-up pairs and have your maid of honor bring them to the ceremony and the reception (just in case).

Choose tights with a reinforced toe section around the seam, preventing your toes from causing runs when they rub against the shoes. Include additional reinforcement by wearing no-show socks under or over tights. Ensure your wedding shoes fit well with your tights without rubbing too much to avoid runs and homes. You can buy soft gel-made inserts for your shoes to fit better without rubbing against tights.

You may also want to enlist the help of one of your bridesmaids (preferably, one without long, sharp nails) to help you put your tights on when it's time to get ready. In preparation for this, make sure to prioritize your pedicure to reduce your risk of snags.

Wear your stockings carefully by gathering all of the fabric of one leg between each hand’s thumb and forefinger to your toe. Next, insert your foot inside and then pull the stockings up. Don’t pull or yank the tights in stages. Instead, gather the fabric in a single gentle motion. Furthermore, check your wedding dress to ensure no fastenings, like a zipper, catch on the stocking’s fabric.

And if the unthinkable (a *gasp* run!) occurs, don't panic. Just make sure someone has some clear nail polish or hairspray on hand to keep the run from getting any bigger. It's a tip both grandmothers and the Rockettes swear by, so you know it has to work. If all else fails, switch them out for one of your backup pairs and you'll be ready to dance the night away.


Preparation Will Keep You From Getting (Panty) Hosed

You wouldn't leave the other important details of your wedding day until the last minute, so why should your hosiery be any different? By devoting just a bit of extra time and effort to choosing your hosiery style and preparing for emergencies, you'll pull off your big day without a hitch -- and you'll look incredible while doing it. Fortunately, we're here to help. For all your thigh highs and other hosiery needs, we've got you (and your legs) covered. Shop our Bridal Lingerie collection and get free shipping on US orders. Check out beautiful wedding accessories and more by Princessly.

May 11, 2018
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