Why is May 15th considered to be National Nylon Stockings Day?

For hundreds of years, stockings were made for and worn by kings and queens. At the time, hosiery was knit from either silk, wool, or cotton, which were materials nearly inaccessible to the masses. However, in the 1930s, Dupont (a company known for science and innovation) created nylon – a synthetic material that could be used for creating clothing and hosiery. In particular, nylon stockings looked and felt like silk stockings worn by the rich and famous.

In 1940, Dupont partnered with Macy’s to sell nylon stockings to the public for the first time in history at Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square in New York City. The event took place on May 15th and was highly promoted as the official Nylon Stockings Day. Excited by the opportunity to buy and wear hosiery, some 72,000 pairs of stockings were sold to women on May 15th, 1940, marking this day historically significant.

The stockings we wear today come from a rich culture and heritage that can be traced back to hundreds if not thousands of years. The invention of nylon is historically significant as it made stockings accessible to the masses, thus allowing us an additional way to look and feel fabulous. Today, while most stockings are made from blend nylon and spandex, we, at VienneMilano celebrate May 15th by wearing sheer hosiery and enjoying a glass (or two) of prosecco.

How will you celebrate this monumental occasion in women’s fashion? Will you be pampering yourself with luxury hosiery? (Please say yes.) Shop our collection today and stock up on hosiery. Cheers!

April 27, 2018

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