Greetings, style enthusiasts! Ever wondered how the high-flying crew maintains their polished look? Join us on this exhilarating journey into the glamorous realm of flight crew fashion, where legwear steals the spotlight. We'll spill the tea on the captivating history of iconic uniforms, explore legwear choices, and learn how VienneMilano is the go-to brand for hosiery enthusiasts.

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The Glamorous History: Setting the Sky Ablaze

Let's rewind to the dazzling 1950s when flight attendants weren't just flight attendants – they were sky girls or stewardesses. As air travel soared, airlines sought to stand out, upgrading uniforms for sophistication. The secret weapon? Pantyhose – the key to a sleek, polished look that screamed, "We're the coolest in the sky!"

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Do Crew Members Have to Wear Pantyhose?

Some airlines have specific guidelines, creating a fashion recipe where each element contributes to the overall look. Pantyhose, with their sleek appearance, have become synonymous with the classic crew uniform. However, recent years witnessed a shift towards relaxed dress codes, allowing crew members to choose legwear aligning with the airline's image and ensuring comfort during long-haul flights.

What Kind of Stockings Do Crew Members Wear?

It's a personal preference, but most opt for sheer stockings for a polished look. On colder days, opaque stockings make a stylish and practical choice, providing both warmth and elegance.

What Color Stockings Do Crew Members Wear?

Traditionally, black or nude were classic colors, blending seamlessly with the sophisticated uniform. As fashion in the skies evolves, airlines embrace diversity, allowing crew members to add a pop of color to their ensembles.

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Hosiery: The Crew's Secret Superpower

Now, let's talk about the legwear magic – hosiery. It's not just a fancy word; it's the secret sauce that elevates crew fabulousness as they serve snacks and look flawless. A superstar in the legwear game? Thigh highs! VienneMilano ISABELLA Sheer, the Beyoncé of thigh highs, is like a touch of magic on your legs – a must-have for every crew member's uniform.

Fly Fabulously with ISABELLA: Where Confidence Soars

Picture being a crew member strutting down the aisle, and your thigh highs stay right where they should. That's the magic of ISABELLA Sheer, available in a spectrum of stunning shades to complement various skin tones. For those with a fair complexion, we recommend the elegant Hazelnut. If you have a medium complexion, Chestnut Brown adds warmth and sophistication. For those with a darker complexion, Chocolate Brown brings an extra touch of allure.


ISABELLA caters to everyone, not just in its diverse color range but also in size. Whether you're a 1XSmall or a 3XLarge, you can embrace the magic of ISABELLA Sheer. So, buckle up, choose the shade that resonates with your style and complexion, and get ready to own the sky like a boss.

Diversifying Style: Enter CRISTINA Pantyhose

For those not ready to rock thigh highs yet, VienneMilano's got your back with CRISTINA pantyhose – the cool cousins of thigh highs that cover your whole leg. Available in Classic Black and Hazelnut, CRISTINA is your go-to for a classic, elegant look.

Taking Flight with Confidence: The Power of Legwear

Now, let's spill the final bit of tea. Crew members aren't just serving snacks and drinks; they're serving confidence. The legwear they choose is their secret weapon, boosting confidence and making them feel unstoppable. When they feel unstoppable, passengers catch the vibe and have a way better time on the flight.

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A Call to Jet-Set Style: Unlock the VienneMilano Magic

Okay, future fashionistas, it's time to unlock the magic of VienneMilano. Use code BLOGPOST at checkout for an exclusive 15% off our collection. Elevate your style with ISABELLA Sheer thigh highs or slay in Classic Black CRISTINA pantyhose. Whether you're flying or strutting down the sidewalk, your legs deserve to be fabulous. VienneMilano – where style meets the sky, and every day is a runway!
December 08, 2023

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