Forget what you've heard about trends. Gray is the color of the decade. Maybe it's the powerhouse minimalistic movement or the rise in Gray leggings a la sportswear-chic, but Gray is here to stay. This is just one reason we here at VienneMilano are watching our beloved Gray stockings very closely. We know they'll get their time to shine very soon.

In the meantime, we've also realized something curious. When was the last time you saw a Gray stay ups style guide? Yes, us neither. So, to turn that “never” into “at least once,” we've decided to fill the gap in thigh highs color styling advice and put together a guide on these beauties.

Let's Talk About Gray Stockings

Gray is the “best friend” on the color palette. The amenable color goes well with warm, rich reds and oranges, as well as the other side of the spectrum, where it complements neutrals fabulously. There's an almost intangible essence to what gray stockings bring to the outfit table. Call it mystery, sophistication, or whatever you please, but it's entirely undeniable and oh-so alluring.

Still, your first instinct might be to compare gray tights to black tights, and that's completely natural. But we're here to tell you that the two couldn't be any more different in their own beautiful ways. Black is high contrast, while gray keeps things low-key. Black is striking, and gray whispers elegance. So, we choose to appreciate them for what makes them wonderfully unique.

Why we Love Gray Stockings

We recommend Gray stockings for those seeking a pop of color or contrast in their ensemble. While the classic all-black attire is timeless, it can sometimes convey a somber mood. Opting for gray stockings introduces a touch of playfulness, dialing down the seriousness and adding a delightful flair to your look.

Possibly the Most Versatile of Hosiery

Gray tights aren't a once-off purchase to be stored away, occupying valuable hosiery drawer space until you're ready to wear a specific outfit again. On the contrary, true to its "neutral" title, gray really goes with almost every other color. That said, we're side-eyeing white here. While we're not ones to follow fashion rules, we advise you to proceed with caution.

If you want to pair your dresses, skirts, and even shorts with neutral tights, opting for gray over black can lighten up your look and give it a chic edge. Gray is a neutral color, which means pairing opportunities are endless.

Gray is also a color that loves itself as much as we do. It's one of those rare colors that can completely complement an outfit without appearing overly monochrome. Instead, its elegance defined, with a stylish chrome edge with those lighter Gray shades.

woman wearing gray dress

Plus, not a color to be easily defined or put in a box, Gray steps out just as confidently beautiful at night as it does during the day, pairing wonderfully with outfits for all occasions.

How to Style Gray Stockings

Gray tights, a white tee, and a denim jacket are the kind of tested casual combo that you so terribly need when you have no time to dress up. Gray pumps go daring, while black boots go chic, depending on what vibe you're going for.

Professional Elegance: Tips on pairing gray stockings with workwear

Gray tights are made for any type of long coat, but we'd have to suggest a light or peachy pink above the rest. Think of it like warm, professional attire that's ideal for the colder months. Both items look nice when worn together and are totally comfy. Grab a pair of black leather ankle boots for something more on the smart end to finish your look.

Evening Glam: Styling ideas for a sophisticated evening look

Consider teaming a colorful casual dress with gray tights. Don't know how to finish off? Introduce a pair of brown leather lace-up flat boots to the equation to ramp up the glamour factor.

We'll admit it. There's another reason we're thinking more about gray hosiery lately. Truth be told, we're welcoming a new addition to the tigh high family:

Meet CAUDIA Matte Gray

She's just as powerful and breathtaking as her sister, with that distinct 60s-chic allure that sets them apart. Matte from top to toe, there's almost an indulgently velvety appeal that's absolutely irresistible. At 55 Denier, she's in the Goldilocks zone of stockings, being neither too opaque nor sheer while offering the perfect amount of comfort, coverage, and warmth. She finishes off the show with the Solid band, a showstopping beauty, of course. We think of CLAUDIA as one of our most versatile thigh high styles with a talent for enhancing every outfit whether you plan on going casual, formal, fun and beyond.

OLIVIA Gray: A Timeless Classic

If plush is your thing, then OLIVIA is your girl. She's entirely beautiful in that classic Italian-made way and can't help from being alluring while also delightfully reassuring, thanks to her reassured toe. The opaque style essentially carves out your legs, sculpting their already gorgeous lines. At 80 denier, she's all softness, warmth, and comfort wrapped up in timeless style. To top it all off, she wears a Solid black band as her crown.

But you don't just have to take our word for it. Here's what one lovely VienneMilano customer had to say about OLIVIA herself:

I have the Olivia in black and gray, and I absolutely love both of them. Best investment I ever made!! The material feels like heaven on your skin and surprisingly very warm! The band also stays in place and is just snug enough not to cut off circulation in your thighs. It is the epitome of sexy and classy. Ladies, this is an absolute go!

Some Start-studded Inspiration

If you think gray hold ups are the style choice for you, you're in good company. Victoria Beckham often perfects her famously black ensembles with opaque gray tights. Whitney Port has also been spotted sporting a pair or two, while Taylor Swift is now learning the wardrobe-revolutionizing abilities of gray tights, as we can see from her recent outings.

Plus, if you'd like an excellent example of just how good gray goes with gray, take a peek at Eva Mendes from the 2008 Spirit Awards.


There's a whisper through the fashion industry in the shape of Gray stockings. They've been there for some time, steadily providing a welcome break from black tights and bringing their natural appeal and inherent elegance every time. As the whisper has amplified into a murmur, we've discovered we haven't truly discovered the depth of Gray stocking's versatility.

If you're ready to welcome the wardrobe, game, and life-changing force that are Gray stockings into your life, we agree. CLAUDIA and OLIVIA could be yours today with an irressitble 15% off. All you have to do to claim what you deserve is take our code “BLOGPOST” and run to the checkout.

December 22, 2023

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