Yes, you heard it here first - we’re welcoming new members to the family! Naturally, we could only accept the most fabulous and luxurious thigh high contenders onto our shelves. Here are the winners:

GIOVANNA Italian Lace

Bring out your inner enchantress, and captivate the gazes of those you allow to catch a glimpse. All the while, the Italian lace envelopes the leg in a gentle embrace, almost like a soft caress, that’ll have you not just looking a million bucks – but feeling it too! The sheer nature-illustrated mesh is entirely breathable, with a sensual yet alluring back seam that culminates in a mysterious, dark, solid band that’ll have you feeling your most gorgeous self.

MIRABELLA gold argyle

Shimmer and shine and all things fine should be the motto of these lavish sensuous leg-enveloping duos. Their sparkly metallic fiber says “all eyes on me” or better said, “all eyes on my wearer!” Oceans of shimmering glitter gleam and dance with each movement you make. Whether you’re giving it your best on the dancefloor or making the street your catwalk, these fabulous thigh highs are the perfect lavish accompaniment.

VIVIA leopard print

Today’s world is rough, so you’ve got to be tougher! Fortunately, fashion’s here to help. So step into these wild-side high tops and feel your inner fire alight. Blaze trails as you march, strut, run, or dance your way through your day in these life-giving pair. Their incredibly resilient mesh and solid band are reminiscent of the fiery feline they’re fashioned off. So let loose your ferocious inner predator as you hunt down what you deserve and do it all in incomparable comfort!

GRETA fishnets with rhinestones

Here at ViennaMilano, believe us when we say we’re in awe of these angelic, almost otherworldly thigh highs. Anyone who dares to wear such a scintillating pair is surely inviting their inner goddess to make an appearance. We would all bask in your glory and beaming light of pure beauty as you strutted on by. Powerful, confident, and you know it – we bow down to you! Plus, if any thigh high stockings ever said “made in Italy,” it’s these fabulous beauties!

ANDREA white opaque

To say you’d bewitch and beguile in these classic luxuries would be an understatement. They scream bold, ivory, and all things fiery. Once, white was thought of as the warmer color, red be damned– ultra-hot things burn white after all. And sporting these, so too, will you!

Still, there’s no denying that they have a winter-wonderland allure, and with their thick fabric weaved from ultra-soft 3D microfiber, they’re perfect for such blistery weather.

REGINA sheer in black

This is what we picture ourselves wearing while seeing our names up in lights. Golden era Hollywood is the order of the day according to these classic, Hepburn-esque pair. They’re classy, elegant, sophisticated, and they know exactly what they want! So feel beautiful and oh-so-comfortable as you stare in shop windows, eat pastries, and look movie-screen sensational.


Now before you ask, we’d like to say yes, it is true that each of the above stockings is fitted with an invisible reinforced toe for your peace of mind. And of course, since we only source from the finest, we’ve plucked each of our thigh high stockings straight from the high-fashion hotbed of Italy. And last but not least, we hope one of our new arrivals has caught your eye or resonates with you. If so, why not treat yourself? They’re always looking for a good home!

September 24, 2021

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