As you may already know, just like corporations pick their employee of the month, we select our product of the month! Though we love them all equally, we think each product deserves its own time centerstage, just so we can shed some spotlight on its unique qualities.

Who is this month's winner?

Meet our REGINA Sheer Thigh Highs! One of our more familiar, reliable, and inexpensive products.

It's about time our REGINA sheer thigh highs got their dues. To say they're a classic favorite would be an understatement. Instead, they have all the appeal and comfort of a best friend that brings out your best side.

Soni Panda wears VienneMilano

Getting to know the REGINA Sheer Thigh Highs REGINA is our front of house. She's welcoming, courteous, and oh-so polite. We've tasked her with taking you by the hand (or legs) and guiding you through your first steps at VienneMilano luxury thigh highs. We consider her an introductory or "gateway" product.

Naturally, she has quite a big head. And I'd like to make it even bigger by saying REGINA is incredibly versatile and quick to adapt – we've never seen a resumé quite like it. Her classic, through-the-ages aura peeps out patiently from under work clothes before being allowed to let loose at night. Honestly, I can wear my REGINAs absolutely anywhere without fear of standing out or blending in; they're never over or understated – just perfectly stated.

Substance & Beauty

But don't be fooled by her sophisticated simplicity. Behind the natural beauty lies premium materials and expert craftsmanship that can only be found in Italy, hence our "made in Italy" pride. Our REGINA is brought to life alongside her luxurious contemporaries by the same diligent producer. To set her apart, they've given her a shorter band that speaks more of self-contained confidence and professionalism that knows what it's about.

Soni Panda wears VienneMilano

Fits like a satin glove

And I can't even fathom talking about these lavish thigh high stockings without mentioning their number one asset – comfort. Would it be trite to stay that wearing my REGINA's barely feels like wearing anything at all? Rather, their silky smooth satin takes every step with me, never fighting back or complaining. And I breathe a sigh just thinking about the lack of slipping. I never have to pull at their seams or hoist them up, once they're on, they're on until I decide to take them off!

Soni Panda wears VienneMilano

"But the incredibly low price!?" I hear you astutely question. There's really no need to fret. REGINA's price tag says nothing about her integrity or personality. Low price never equals low quality for us – and that's policy! In fact, it's a policy that's built into the business. As a small business, we don't have to worry about large expenses, fees, rent, and other such things that amount to colossal overhead prices. But we don't leave this spare money on the table either. Instead, we inject it right back into our business processes, ensuring maximum quality without the credit card maxing price tag.

So, if you're looking for somewhere to start your luxury thigh high journey – here's the starting line.

Soni Panda wears VienneMilano

Photo credit: Soni Panda

October 01, 2021

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