It's always hard to imagine the humble origins of a present-day icon. But in painting a picture of Gerbe, that's where we'll start.

Sheer tights

At the turn of the century (1895, to be specific), Stephane Gerbe set to work designing tights and stockings for the hosiery-mad French public. With the passing of the years and ever-growing appetite for lingerie, the genius designer and astute businesswoman expanded her collections to include a menagerie of different hosiery options. And in turn, we, the luxury-seekers, lapped it right up.

That certain “Je ne sais quoi”

The designs were elegance incarnate with a dash of French charm and allure for good measure. Every new collection usurped the last, with its fresh innovation adding a touch of modernity to the classic style. With a range of finishes, including seamless waistbands, back seams, silk gussets, invisibly reinforced toes and heels, and a progressive knit offering a toning effect – Gerbe could meet everyone's hosiery expectations in one place.

Gerbe sheer stockings

However, what really drew in the masses and kept them was their patented luxurious finish.

A stockings legacy

Gerbe became a sort of French family dynasty, being passed down from generation to generation, only improving with every passing of the torch. The complications endemic to financial institutions and business wore hard on Gerbe throughout the years, but expertise and vigor saw them through.

Gerbe logo

Putting emphasis on its exceptional French manufacturing that takes no shortcuts, Gerbe always delivered a product both designer and customer could be proud of.

Certified since 2009 as a Living Heritage Company, the long-revered brand finally claimed its iconic status. To this day, their designs are a testament to the history and craftsmanship of fine hosiery.

The end of an era

Until recently, it seemed Gerbe would be an eternal presence in the hosiery industry, consistently turning out new and highly sought-after designs. However, after 100 years, it seems Gerbe is ready to close its doors and bow out in glory.

But all is not lost

Gerbe's influence casts a lasting light extending throughout the industry.

And we here, at VienneMilano, not only admire Gerbe but have also learned from their century-long success.

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The Gerbe in us

Just like Gerbe, European quality is at our very core. A tiny spin of the globe, and you go from French Gerbe to Italian VienneMilano. It's from their wealth of expertise, craftsmanship, and time-honored fashion sense that we source our collection.

Best hosiery from Europe

However, it's not only European quality we share with Gerbe, but a profound passion and devotion towards hosiery and its unrelenting yet subtle power. Stockings are unique in their complexity as a lingerie piece. Lining every carefully-sewn stitch is a myriad of cultural, historical, and societal connotations. They have a propensity to unleash a base feeling of power, fieriness, seductiveness, and self-possession when slipped on, even stretching towards playfulness and comfort.

Elegant, lace tights

With numerous styles, deniers, and colors all comfortably fitting into our collection, we like to think we have the pair of stockings for every woman. And once she's found them, we invite her to explore the rest – there's a beautifully fitting pair for every moment, mood, or mindset!

Animal print stockings

What's more, we include many of the same careful detail and design elements in our collections that made Gerbe's stockings absolutely wonderful.

So why not explore our collections?

Who knows, you might find exactly what you're looking for or a pair of stockings that calls you. Use discount code GERBE for 15% off at And tell us, did you ever shop with Gerbe? If so, what will you miss about them?

Gerbe tights

November 26, 2021

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