Here at VienneMilano, we're unashamedly enthralled with our collections. If you'd like, you can imagine us lovingly gazing at their thigh high splendor and regularly smuggling them into our own wardrobes – just for safekeeping.

That's why, when it comes to picking one among the many, it's always a bit of an ordeal. Imagine asking a doting mother to pick her favorite from her brood; it's just not going to happen.

Product of the month

But, since all of our thigh highs are wonderful in their own right, we like to shine a spotlight on their individual attributes every month.

And for the frosty month of December, we thought we'd pick one to warm you up in more ways than one …


Stockings for holiday parties

MIRABELLA Gold Glittery Argyle (Black)

One glance at MIRABELLA, and you can see why she's having a "moment."

Glittery stockings

And if you can't, here's a poorly kept secret: the Argyle pattern is hosting a fashion renaissance.

Since first hitting the scene in the 17th century, Argyle has graced royalty, rebellions, and now Gen Z haute couture. With the combined force of Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Olivia Wilde, Argyle has been propelled back into contemporary and hot-button fashion.

And while Argyle is hosting a one-pattern revolution, it's all part of a larger trend: Nerd-chic.

Italian argyle

And Argyle, as a unique variation of plaid, is the quirky modern twist that's sorely needed.

MIRABELLA, true to her remarkable self, was never going to abide by the trend lines. Instead, her take on Argyle is entirely striking and undeniably ultra-modern.

Upon closer inspection of the gorgeous thigh highs, you're treated to a tapestry of glittering symmetrical lines that cross right on cue to form Argyle. Reading between the lines, you'll see a sheer, light denier (10-20) that's sprinkled with fine, dazzling gold glitter, creating an overall charming yet enchanting look that holds the eye. And while it may seem like magic, it's really a sparkly metallic fiber otherwise known as lurex combined with resistant nylon and spandex for a silky-smooth and flexible finish.

Holiday tights

Being as MIRABELLA is a mouth-wateringly delicious treat, you might be asking, "Where's the cherry on top?" Well, it comes in the shape of defining and slenderizing solid band that's the full-stop to MIRABELLA's beauty. It also just happens to rest right where you want it.

And since we've selected her from our Signature Fall/Winter 2021, you know she's ready for a good party. MIRABELLA's gold-black fusion brings out the best in darker shades, especially when they're figure-loving.

And just when you think she can't get any better …

Meet her sister:

MIRABELLA Silver Glittery Argyle (Silver)

MIRABELLA epitomizes airy elegance with a shimmery twist. At rest, her cosmos of sparkles delights. In motion, it glitters, twinkles, and captivates attention from all around. Polished, direct, and full of personality, this MIRABELLA is the sophisticated fire-cracker of our signature Spring/Bridal collection 2020.

Much like her sister, she boasts a distinguishing solid band, topping off her slenderizing thigh high body. However, her materials are just a touch different, with a little extra polyester for added strength. But the overall feeling is much the same – one of pure silky bliss that almost feels like you're wearing nothing at all.

Pair MIRABELLA's light, silvery tones with white dresses or skirts and a pair of daring stark black heels for a modern-chic look like no other.

Finally …

Together we'd say both MIRABELLA's make the best sparkly tights duo. Glittery stockings are one-of-a-kind beautiful; we'd even consider them a dazzling, fabulous ornament and testament your lovely legs. So, why not find out what makes MIRABELLA special for you? She'll see you through all wintery, formal, and even more casual occasions – it just depends on whether you're ready for her or not!

December 03, 2021
Tags: Sparkly

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