For decades, fishnet stockings have been a statement piece for fashionable women. From flapper wear to punk, the perception of fishnet stockings has transformed throughout the decades. Today, this stylish accessory is still revered by women around the world as a statement piece - something you wear to get noticed. Here are the top 6 tips to wear fishnet stockings elegantly and tastefully.

1. Wear it like you mean it. Seriously, when you feel good, you'll look good. If fishnets just aren't your thing, then simply put - don't wear it. Simple.


2. Match the right clothing. In the words of the legendary fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham: "Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." And unless you're armoring for a place in a Halloween costume contest, wearing a super short skirt, mile high stilettos with fishnets can send the wrong message. Instead, try pairing fishnet tights with something more ladylike - for example, a bespoke dress suit, or a skirt that sits above the knee.

Black stockings and dress out fit3. Consider micro-fishnets - fishnets come in different sizes. At VienneMilano, we sometimes joke that there are fishnets that are meant to catch whales, fishes, and guppies. For an elegant look, we recommend choosing fishnets with a more beautiful mesh - also known as micro-fishnets. With a smaller mesh (or smaller diamond shape), you can (ahem... catch a smaller fish), but more importantly, convey sophistication without looking too racy.

Hosiery outfit 2

4. Keep your outfit simple. Since fishnets provide texture to your legs, try not to wear anything that competes for attention. For example, avoid loud jewelry and bright colors, keep your make up tone down. We also recommend avoiding loud patterns with fishnets - unless you're intentionally trying to make a bold statement.

Elegant stockings outfit 3

5. Wear closed-toe shoes - While fashionistas can debate about whether or not wearing hosiery with open toe shoes is a good thing (or a bad thing), IMHO, wearing fishnets and open toe shoes look...silly!

OOTD for work

6. Keep it classy ladies with closed toe shoes. What do you think about our five tips? What are your favorite ways to wear this stylish accessory? At VienneMilano, we love to learn how our fashionable readers wear thigh high stockings. Leave a comment below.

Open toe shoes and stockings
Open-toe stockings

April 26, 2019

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