Dear VienneMilano,
I'm having laparoscopy surgery next week. While my doctor has a list of things I can and cannot do, do you have any recommendations on what I should or should not wear? For example, can I wear pants, leggings, what about stockings? - Salomé B.

First off, I am sorry to hear about your situation - news of surgery is never easy. I've undergone this procedure, and I can certainly understand the anxiety you may be feeling.

But not to worry...

Sheer tights

This procedure is a relatively common one, almost routine! In fact, your doctor should know all the recommendations like the back of their hand by now - even down to post-surgery clothing suggestions. But when it comes to the most practical and stylish recovery option...

We'll take care of that! Leave the Laparoscopy fashion to us.

While recovery takes priority - if you are like me, you will want to pack ahead and look suitable for the occasional visitors or stroll in the park. Here’s how...

What to Wear After a Laparoscopy: In a Nutshell

We all have our comfortable go-to favorites for those days when our other clothes are pulling their "tight" act. While they could certainly earn a place in your overnight bag (and heart) – they may not always be the best option.

What you want is exceptionally loose clothing. Think along the lines of styles without a waistband. If you’re thinking of an oversized button-up top or pullover dress … great minds think alike!

Steal my Post-laparoscopy Look

Maxi Dresses

Form-fitting up top, loose below, and delightfully flowy - I have this style of dress to thank for getting me through the first week post-surgery. At the time, my stomach had 3-4 bandaids to cover up my stitches. As you can imagine, the last thing I wanted was any pressure on my belly. Form-fitting clothing was completely out of the question, and pants? Unimaginable. I also have to admit, there were more perks than just comfort to wearing a maxi dress. With so many styles to choose from, I was spoilt for choice and always felt beautiful – a necessity for fast and healthy healing, in my opinion! Maxi dresses

Soft, comfortable underwear

Full disclosure: Typically, I absolutely adore wearing playful undies with a bit of lace on top. However, cannot recommend leaving this style of panties in the drawer in the days following surgery. While beautiful, the intricate detailing and texture have a habit of irritating your already irritated skin further.

The Alternative?

Instead, you will want to look for underwear that is either 100% cotton or made from synthetic materials such as spandex and nylon. Panties for post surgery

Thigh Highs

I highly recommend thigh high stockings for post-laparoscopy.

Not only are they like a comforting hug for the legs, but they’re also incredibly reliable – they stay up! So, that’s already one less thing to worry about. As well, thigh highs, as the name would suggest, rest on your thigh, steering completely clear of your waist area. By design, they won’t interfere with your incision whilst keeping your legs chic, warm, and cozy. Oh, and with a huge variety of fabulous styles to choose from, you're spoilt for choice! There’s a thigh high pair to suit every mood - even adding a bit of stylish spice to those long recovery days.

Bonus: Thigh highs are also fabulous as maternity tights.

Thigh high stockings

A Small Gift from us to you:

Surgery is stressful, so we’d like to treat you! To help you recover in style and feel utterly fabulous all the while, please use our 20% off with discount code: STAYUP – enjoy!

The Most Important Thing...

While Laparoscopy fashion can help us to feel our best selves after surgery, it’s not the only perk with this power! When it comes to surgery, everyone recovers at a different speed. While some may take a few days to bounce back, others may take up to two weeks, thus creating the perfect opportunity for self-pampering. So, grab a book, catch up with friends, rekindle your passion for an old hobby, or go shopping online! Good luck with your procedure, and as always, feel free to message us for assistance at
June 14, 2019

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