Our lingerie is always there for us. However, what do you do with old bras and pantyhose that's outlived their usefulness? While it may feel wasteful to throw away used clothing, there are options to donate, recycle, and upcycle our slightly used lingerie. Here's a list of what to do with used bras, stockings, and underwear:


Donate it to someone in need. From cancer survivors, sex-traffic victims to the homeless, put your old bras into good use and to potentially improve the lives of someone in need:

Bra Recylers

Give your pre-loved (or brand new) bras a second life by donating to the Bra Recyclers. Each donation is carefully sorted and distributed to help support underprivileged women and girls from across the world escaping domestic violence and human trafficking.

Bra Recylers


I Support The Girls.

Available in 47 states, the mission for this organization is to help regain the dignity of women in need with one used bra at a time. Find out how here.

I Support The Girls

Free The Girls.

With a specific focus towards helping victims of sex trafficking, Free the girls is an organization that will take your used bras in a bold move to fight evil. Click here to learn more.

Free The Girls

Good Will.

Founded in 1902, Good Will is an established nonprofit organization that provides training, employment placements to underprivileged individuals. Call ahead to see if they are accepting bras at your local location.

Good Will


While no organization accepts used hosiery, we did discover several creative ways to repurpose stockings:

Organizing With Hosiery.

Pantyhose are perfect for storing onions and garlic. All you have to do is find a dry area for hanging your hosiery along with your vegetables. Sheer hosiery is ideal as it provides air circulation.

Gardening With Pantyhose.

Speaking of vegetables, pantyhose are often used in the world of gardening. For horticulturalists, stockings are an excellent tool for protecting fruits and vegetables from insects and varmints.

Separately, in some countries, pantyhose are even used to filter tea.

Creating With Tights.

Tights and stockings are an excellent want to extend your creativity. For example, hosiery is sometimes used for sewing projects, creating scented bags, bath infusion, and staining.

But don’t let your imagination stop there. Some artists even go as far as creating an entire dress with hosiery.

Cleaning With Waste.

Used thigh highs can also be used in various ways for cleaning. For example: creating dust filters, vacuum attachments (for saving small objects), and scrubbing dishes.


Sadly, no one wants your used underwear. However, similar to used-tights, underwear are just as versatile when it comes to upcycling. Used-panties are excellent for cutting up and making cleaning rags.

Lace panties

While it's hard to say good-bye to your old bras, stockings or panties, the good news is that you now have a reason to go shopping. So, it’s time to be out with the old, and in with the new. Shop from brands that use durable materials, premium yarns, and believe in creating products that last longer than fast-fashion apparel, ahem, like VienneMilano.

Italian stockings

Did we miss something? What’s your favorite thing to do with used lingerie, or your preferred nonprofit organization for donation. Leave us a comment below.

June 28, 2019
Tags: Fashion tips

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