Sounds of celebration ring out worldwide. 3 billion people are welcome in the new and see off the old. Red oceans with glittering gold waves sweep through city and town streets as cheers of joy rise up around them – it can only mean one thing – it's about to be year 4720.


In the Chinese lunar calendar, of course.

Whether you call it the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year, the premise still remains: it's time for family, friends, and trying to get your hands on as many money-laden red envelopes you can possibly carry!

This year, it's the year of the tiger.

Known for their fiery passion, fearlessness, and excitable nature, tigers are universally respected and revered for their courage by both friends and foes. Yet, they can switch from fiery ferocity to eerily calm in the blink of an eye. Their personality is dynamic yet controlled – an eternal contradiction.

Our favorite New Year tradition

And while tigers are known to pave the way for change, they're not known for changing their stripes. So, there'll be no change to one of the Chinese New Year's most lasting traditions – buying and wearing new clothes.

At VienneMilano, there are no traditions we so wholeheartedly enjoy more than this one, the “new clothes; new you” tradition. It ticks all the boxes. First of all, you get to look absolutely fabulous and have all eyes on you in your new ensemble, which is something to celebrate anyway! Secondly, you can pay homage to New Year traditions if you decide to go red, gold, and even full-blown yellow! And last but by absolutely no means least – you get lucky. According to traditional beliefs, your New Year wardrobe will brim with not only the latest styles but also good fortune, enough to last the year! So you fabulously strut into the New Year with the stockings that are going to make this year the one where IT happens. All your dreams, even the ones you can barely admit to yourself? Watch them unfold and come to life, and all you need to do is look effortlessly stylish!

It all starts with new pajamas to be worn on New Year's Eve before getting kitted out in your newest finery for New Year's Day. And since red is the color of the festivities, you can bet it finds its way into the outfits. Of course, you'll also see smatterings of gold and yellow here and there, with their brightness reflecting hopes for prosperity, success, and happiness.

Make a bold statement with these styles:

TOSCA Matte stockings in Diva Red

Go all out with Tosca. Leave no one in doubt of your confidence and fiery, fun personality with these cherry-red beauties that add oomph to any outfit.

PRISCILLA Red Lace Top Stockings

Subtle and sexily does it with seductive PRISCILLA, who's here to help you reel in the Chinese new year in irresistible sheer style. Only adding to her charm is her striking, intricate floral band that speaks for itself.


ALBA Red Back Seam Stockings

Va-va-voom! Excuse me, have you sucked all of the air out of the room and replaced it with a smokeshow, or are you just wearing ALBA stockings? With a delicate, alluring back seam surrounded by barely-there sheer and finishing with a detailed band – ALBA kicks down the door of the New Year.


VIVIA Animal print thigh highs

Let your ferocious inner tiger run fashionably free with exquisite VIVIA. Brimming with personality, these thigh highs leave no one undecided – you're a woman who knows style and has the confidence to wear it – impressive!


ARTEMISIA cheetah thigh highs

With cat-like eyes on the back of your legs, you're ready to pounce whenever. ARTEMISIA is a one-of-a-kind thigh high, the likes you've never seen before (and anyone else for that matter.) But she's as beautiful as she is unique and oh-so effortlessly cool.


VITTORIA leopard print thigh highs

Wave in the New Year and many more with these eco-friendly and incredibly stunning thigh highs that catch and hold the eye with their classic take on a modern-wild print.


Honoring tradition with our own special twist

In the west, women tend to purchase new underwear for the new year. We say, blaze a new trail. That's how progress and new traditions are made after all, right? So, why not go all out and treat yourself to new stockings as well? After a long year, it's well-deserved! And, you'll get to start the New Year with an exciting twist that can make any outfit seem like brand new! And there's no excuse not to! Especially not with our 10% off discount code: YEAROFTHETIGER. So, what are you waiting for? Pounce now!
February 04, 2022

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