We'll be the first to admit that there are not enough months in the year for all the styles we want to talk about because really, we could go on and on for hours, if not days (or forever), about each unique thigh high style. But now and then, one comes along that holds our attention that little bit longer.


MATILDA essentially strutted down off the shelf and claimed this month as her own. She likes to be talked about, and she knows she's worth our time. But, she's a lot different, packed full of pizzazz and that certain ‘Je sais quoi.' Yes, that's right, there are no two ways about her – she is MATILDA. Since it's the first thing you'll notice about her, it's the first thing we'll cover: her style.

Argyle Style

What is it about Argyle that packs such a stylistic punch? One glance at its symmetrical diamond finesse, and we're reaching for adjectives such as rebellious, educated, authoritative, and ‘in the know.' You'll also hear bright and quaint thrown in there for good measure, especially when incorporated into a chic sweater vest.

But that just won't do. Not when it comes to thigh highs. No no. We won't have anyone relegate stockings to libraries (though they fit in perfectly well there.) Instead, MATILDA displays with complete confidence and assuredness that when applied to thigh highs, Argyle can be fun, playful even. And if MATILDA has anything to say about it – fiery, sultry, and breathtakingly sophisticated.

Wooly warmth!

However, there is one aspect in which MATILDA resembles a sweater vest, and that's her glowing warmth. Here's a surprise for you, hold your breath – she can proudly claim her 180 denier heavy-weight title. That's a lot of material, and you'll get to enjoy every last wool-like fabric stitch of it. Think of MATILDA like a Winter coat for your legs. She pulls out all the stops and showers you in warmth and protection that lasts. Why is MATILDA so giving? Because she knows you deserve it.

thick tights

Fits like a glove

And not only is she delightfully warm, but she's also as plush as can be, which really drives home that “sweater-like” feel and design. A carefully balanced mix of Nylon and Spandex, MATILDA pampers the legs and holds fast – she's as strong as she is stunning.

Irresistible toppings

But she knows when to stop. Capping off her unique style is a statement, no-frills, no-nonsense solid band that covers 2.25 inches of your upper thigh. Moreover, she boasts an invisible toe that speaks of good-breeding and lavishness.

These wonder stockings come in striking Obsidian Black or wintery Shadow Gray. Whichever MATILDA color you pick (or both), you have the size options of Small and Large.

What to style MATILDA with?

No matter your colors preference or size, when you pull these thick stockings on, you're in for a treat. First of all, you'll notice a wide array of outfit choices are right at your fingertips. Whether you're dressing for work, play, or anywhere in between, MATILDA has a look to match. She's absolutely made for layering and can be worn with heels and boots. Our recommendation is with long dark color dresses or skirts.


Thick stockings are in in 2022. You no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style and MATILDA knows that. She's here to share her Italian-made beauty and keep you feeling as snuggly in style as possible! So, go on, why not see what she's all about for yourself and give your wardrobe the Argyle 'oomph' it needs this season.
January 28, 2022

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