Haven't you heard? Word on the fashion scene streets is that tights are back and better than ever. What was once just a little bud of TikTok teens pairing tights with trainers sprouted into celebrity tights mania before blooming into an industry-wide obsession, trickling down to the eagerly waiting public, AKA us!

2022 is the year of the tights

And when tights take off, you better believe they're bringing their friends with them. Take thigh highs, for example; just like tights but better (yes, it's possible.) We've already seen them grace the legs of Kourtney Kardashian and Dua Lipa, and now, they're promising an irresistible selection of styles to choose from. Polka dot patterns, spotted hearts, flowers, lace, sheer, there and everywhere! They're just begging to be used in the latest trends, and if industry whispers are anything to go by – they will be. Join the tights movement by taking your pick of our Italian-made thigh high collection!

Now's the time to stock up your wardrobe for a tight-filled, utterly fabulous 2022! You might want to get started with the following hot topics, starting with:

1. Sparkling Lurex Metallic Thread

Shimmer and shine and all things fine. Lurex is here to bring the party all year round. Never exactly slipping down the popularity hierarchy, they're now climbing to new heights – sights set on the top spot. So during a year when wearable glitter is expected to hit the ground running, why wouldn't their leggy counterpart also skyrocket in trendiness? We expect to see a huge uptick in Lurex sales, but will we be able to part with them? Tune in to find out...

2. Floral Prints

Maybe it's being locked up most of 2020-2021, but we're all feeling a little feverish this year, perhaps even a little … funky? We think that flowers – and lots of them – are the only thing that can satiate our need for life, color, vibrancy, and pure, unbridled joy!

But before we get too carried away, it seems the fashion industry shares our passion for flowers aplenty this year. So whether they're aiming for classic, colorful florals or striving for a contemporary geometric flowery feel – it's still flower power, baby! And we've made a contribution of our own: retro yet stylish, our FLORA Demi-Rose stockings in ebony black will frame your leg with its modern black border in the back while showing your creative (and romantic) side with large lacy flowers in the front.

Floral patterned tights

3. Plaid Stockings & Argyle Patterns

What is it about those patterned blocks and lines straight from the Scottish highlands that keeps us mesmerized? We think it’s a little something called style. The results are always irresistible when you mix timeless, rugged tradition with couture. Vanessa Friedman, fashion director of The New York Times describes stockings as a "generational, occupational and cultural lightning rod." Nothing appeals to those telling adjectives quite like this time-honoured pattern.

Browse our collection of patterned stockings

But their beautiful complexity can often leave us stumped when it comes to styling them. Simple solution: go monochrome. Their talent lies in adding color pop, depth, and a splash of fun to an otherwise standard outfit.

4. Animal Prints

Things are about to get wild in 2022. Or, more correctly, wilder. Animal prints have been rocking the fashion world for the past few years. Exotic leopards, cheetah, zebras, and snakeskin prints have been seen from atop catwalks, lining boutiques, and of course – worn by style queens. So be on the lookout, because they are coming soon to VienneMilano!

5. Over the knee socks

Over the knee tights are not your average number. They can be knitted, ribbed, and incorporated into essentially any outfit you see fit! While they're renowned for their warmth and coziness during the winter months, they've recently been creeping into all-year-round territory with their undeniable aseasonal trendiness.

Ribbed tights

6. Polka dots

Have we all seen Taylor Swift in polka dot tights, yes? Okay, what about Katie Holmes last year, even Dua Lipa? Is there an epidemic of Polka-dot hosiery? We hope so. But really, it's the look of the moment, goes with almost anything, suits all legs, and is just gorgeous!

Polka-dot tights

7. Neon Tights

There's ecstasy in the air and a buzz about. What's that glow we see in the distant future? It's neon tights – plain and simple! Color blocking and dazzling their way into the new year, neon tights are the fun we need! In recent years, neon colors have prowled the runway, drawing written gasps from critiques and fashion bloggers alike.

Fluorescent tights

Shop our collection of colorful thigh highs as we feature trendy colors such as fluorescent green, hot pink, neon yellow, and more!

8. Eco-Friendly Stockings

Last but not least, consider sustainable fashion. Companies like VienneMilano, Charnos, Pamela Mann, Gipsy, Wolford, and Pierre Mantoux have all joined the movement of making tights from reusable yarns.

Sustainable fashion

9. Colorful Knee Highs

Emily in Paris, while a hotly contested hit, has certainly done us one big favor – made color fashionable again. Beiges and neutrals may never truly exit left of the fashion stage, but quirky is cool again. And if there's anything that's true about the evolving fashion scene, it's that anything goes right now. So, if you've ever dreamed of pairing rainbow-colored, heart-dotted knee highs with your fav dress/skirt – now's your chance!


Stockings, knee highs, thigh highs, and tights can immediately take your average day or night outfit to the next level with ease. Deceptively simple, they have the power to blow the lid off an otherwise ‘average' fit. They're the chameleons of the fashion industry, blending in when needed for texture and depth while popping with personality on call. Some call them “the barometer” of an outfit, so why wouldn't they be at the forefront of 2022 styles?

There's a pair for every mood, occasion, time of day, and look. Draw attention with creative patterns and irresistible shimmer and sheer, or enhance your office ensemble with a simple, beautiful tight-shaped addition.

January 27, 2022

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