Every month, we pick a new thigh high style to be our thigh high of the month. This January, in tandem with MATILDA and ANDREA, we've chosen ROSITA.

Why ROSITA? Just take a look below.

She gives confidence. She gives truckloads of style and attitude. But most of all...

ROSITA Gray Chevron Pattern Stockings

ROSITA is a miracle worker

ROSITA is your antidote to a style drought. Reacquaint yourself with color and character, and revive those self-proclaimed drab pieces that just make you sigh on sight. Of course, we couldn't tell you how many articles ROSITA has saved from the trash can. Still, we'd wager it's enough to fill a spacious warehouse a couple of times over.

Why? How? What's the secret? Maybe it's in the upwards spike, or maybe the downwards spike – or maybe it's Missoni.


Instantly recognizable for the iconic crochet knit, Missoni is synonymous with Italian flair and technical innovation. Dating back to the 1950s, it's etched into the collective mind of the fashion industry – and for all the right reasons. Missoni means money. It screams high fashion. And yet, somehow, there's a touch of innocence and lightness to this industry stalwart.

Of course, something so great would naturally inspire mock-styles and remakes. But, still, which came first, Missoni or Chevron? It's all a little too chicken-egg to go into there. Suffice to say, they're both exquisitely zigzaggy, and both make regular appearances on catwalks with few but the keenest eyes able to tell the difference until they read the specifications.

One more parallel we'd like to draw between Missoni and ROSITA if you'll allow it – they're both effortlessly Italian.

The ultimate versatile thigh high style

And if wearing fashion history and iconism sounds like a dream to you, then you'll just love ROSITA. She grabs Chevron by the reins and makes the pattern and anything you put with it POP. Watch a little black dress or dark gray skirt come to life as ROSITA works her reviving powers on these classics. Better yet, she's player-friendly. In fact, she's practically begging you to have fun with her!

ROSITA by VienneMilano

So let your imagination run wild; ROSITA will take care of the rest. She can even be worn under pants to provide an extra layer of comfort, warmth, and, of course, an undeniable feeling of sexiness. As for footwear, we recommend pairing ROSITA with black or dark gray closed-toe pumps. And don't you dare fear pairing her with Chunky heels – she's more than capable!

The quality to back it up...

If you'd like to get to know her thread-deep: 71% Nylon, 22% Polyester, 7% Spandex. Or in fewer number words – strong, durable, resilient, and to-die-for velvety soft. ROSITA also finds herself snuggly fit into a nice medium. She's neither too transparent nor too thick – she's opaquely perfect. And with a medium denier of 21-50, she has the credentials to back up that claim.

We need, you need, we all need ROSITA!

Stretching down to her invisible toe, everything about ROSITA seems just right. Reaching up to her 3.5 inch solid band, there's a cherry on top of all that rightness. Her quirky pattern doesn't look out of place at most occasions, including work, parties, and a stroll around town. You see, she's eye-catching, but by no means is she consuming. So, let ROSITA be the pièce de résistance of your wardrobe this month and for a lifetime! Once you've made friends with ROSITA, you have an eye-catching and loyal fashionable friend for life!
January 21, 2022

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