Many people mark every month with a movie night, others with a night out, some with a tick of the calendar. And us here at VienneMilano? Well, to reel in the months, we like to single out one member of our beloved thigh high family and talk in-depth about what makes them so undeniably great.

We can get a little long-winded but bear with us. We're like a gushing mother of a bundled-up newborn, except the love of our lives, are decidedly more material. And, who knows, you may fall as deeply in love as we are. And if you do, don't hesitate to slip over here and welcome her into your wardrobe!

Best white thigh highs

So, this month, we challenge you to try and not fall under the spell of – drum roll, please ...

Say a great, big heeello to ANDREA

Okay, we admit it. We're feeling a little fiery, confident, and ready to pounce around these parts. It's just our legs can't keep up with the rising temperatures. So it's these times that we reach for the warm, cozy, and oh so toasty embrace of sweet-as-honeypie ANDREA. At 75 denier, she offers a little more 'something something' than her fellow thigh highs. That something being coverage and protection against the leg-tingling outdoor elements. Her reliable blend of Nylon and Spandex is layered on thick and tenderly - you won't even feel the wind against your pins.

There's more where that came from ...

But don't get us wrong – we'd never call a lady heavy! On the contrary, ANDREA gives us velvety paradise with her almost-skin like fabric that hugs the leg rather than clings. She's slight, subtle even, and it's all in the magic of 3D microfiber that – get this – has been handcrafted by concentrated Italian expertise – Bellissima!

Artful elegance

Speaking of Italian beauty and craftsmanship, it wouldn't be complete without artistic flair. For ANDREA, that means a graceful floral lace band that elegantly covers 4 inches of your upper thigh.

And behind the artistic merit, as always, is integrity. You'll find that asset in the invisible reinforced toe and tightly-woven fibers that are the pinnacle of durability.

Why is ANDREA so popular?

ANDREA is your everyday girl, and that makes her not only a personal favorite but also a VienneMilano fan favorite. She works just as hard as she plays, so you can too. So step into her in the morning and only take her off when you're ready, she'll see you through rain, wind, storm, and any shape your legs need to hold!

Snow white

One thing we love so dearly and passionately about ANDREA is her snow white glow. White stockings may be a rarity but that makes them all the more statement. ANDREA'S fierce fire burns white hot – don't miss out! You'll be able to snap her up in four sizes: Small, Large, 1XLarge, and 2XLarge.

What does ANDREA pair perfectly with?

And if you were already thinking that ANDREA sounds like your best friend this Winter – get this – she's simply just made for pairing with pairing with neutral colors and heels. So, take any warm, wrap-around, light coloured dress from your wardrobe and jazz it up with ANDREA for a seductively textured, revived, and fun luck for those wintery days!

stockings in ivory


ANDREA is beauty, ANDREA is grace, she is miss thigh high states! ANDREA is your must-have pair for any season. She covers all bases and goes delightfully with anything you desire. She'll keep your legs warm but not too warm thanks to her breathable fabric. And, at the end of the day, she's stunning! So, don't miss the chance to call her your own – she won't let you down!

opaque tights in white

January 14, 2022

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