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My name is Elaine and I am recently back on the dating scene after a long break. I am interested in trying new things as I get back into dating. A friend of mine recommends giving thigh high stockings and sexy lingerie a try, however I have never worn thigh highs before. More importantly, do men really like to see women wear thigh highs?
- Elaine. S.

Here at VienneMilano, many women come to us asking: How do men really feel about lingerie? And in particular, do men like women in stockings? Lucky for you, we have a few insights from some of our male customers for you. See what these men have to say about their wives and girlfriends who wear thigh high hosiery.

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I love hold ups (thigh highs); it is like jewelry for my wife's legs. When my wife wears hold ups, it recaptures the period early in our relationship when we were still enjoying those moments of discovery. It is exciting and exhilarating.

- Michael Russo, Corporate Lawyer, 44

I'm not sure about how other men feel about it, but I personally love seeing my wife in stay ups (thigh highs)… a lot. When my wife wears stay ups, she is free, confident, and vibrant. I've heard a lot of women wear hosiery for a bunch of different reasons, but for me, the turn-on is that she's completely being herself when she wears stay ups.

- Robert McAlister, Pediatrician, 36

I remember on our first date, my girlfriend was wearing black stockings with a stunning red dress which immediately caught my eye as she climbed out of her car. The black lace thigh highs suited her tall and fit legs perfectly as she walked confidently in her red heels towards me.

- Josh Wong, Business Consultant, 28

I like my girlfriend in sheer thigh highs. There's something about the way the material covers part of her body lightly — and the way that I can still see her skin beneath the stockings. Plus, the garment leaves her upper thighs in the air and it gives me a sense of mystery. Absolutely alluring.

- Kenny Michelson, Dentist, 35

This is a very interesting question and I can't even fully explain it myself. Stockings and tights in general are a turn on for me. Not just in the bedroom, but also in public when we go out. I think for me stockings complement her curves, and that's a plus for any outfit she wears.

- Aaron Leno, Marketing Executive, 35

I noticed that my wife has recently tried dark red lingerie and thigh highs, and to be honest, I consider it very seductive with her beautiful brunette hair. It's a special feeling. We've been married for 20 years and when I look at her in those stockings, she just seems so casual, careless, and effortless. It brings back the memory of how we first met and started dating a long time ago.

- Frank Webber, Serial Entrepreneur, 48

I like watching my wife experiment with a variety of styles of stockings outside of work. We both spend a crazy amount of time working so she's mostly stuck in business attire all the time. But when she's wearing hosiery and spending time with me, she's another person and it makes me forget about stress from work. I always admire her sense of confidence and maturity, no matter if it's at work or outside.

- Ethan Li, Financial Advisor, 45

Personally, I love women who are in control. My girlfriend looks empowering every time she's in Italian hosiery, especially when paired with her red lipstick. She knows how to select thigh highs. Her thigh highs make her look so empowered. My job is to manage other people at work but at home I let her manage me.

- Richard Hillman, Chief Technology Officer, 39

When my wife wears thigh highs I can't help but think of her as both powerful and sexy. They are practical, uniquely feminine, and a little daring. And how can you not be attracted to a powerful and sexy woman?

- Nathan Keller, Technical Specialist, 37

I particularly love the quality and feel of VienneMilano thigh highs on my wife's legs. Luxurious and sexy...all at once.

- Anthony Thompson, Accountant, 42

Thigh highs are a treat to the eyes, just like Christmas lights can brighten up the mood, so can sexy stockings.

- Christopher Blankenship, Product Manager, 38

I can't speak for all men, of course, but for myself, I really like it when I find out she's wearing thigh-highs underneath her clothes. I get excited because I know she did this for me.

- Robert Gronlund, Supply Chain Manager, 34

Thigh highs lift things in the right places and accentuates her curves.

- Nick Murphy, Patient Care Technician, 32

Sometimes, it's the texture on her silky smooth stockings that drives me crazy. Other times it's the lacy decorations, little bows, or flowers that are so feminine. Thigh highs are amazing. They look revealing without actually showing anything.

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- Derek Peterson, Chief Technology Officer, 42

I, for one, absolutely love it when my girlfriend wears thigh highs and prefer that she keeps them on during intimacy as possible. I love the look of lingerie on a beautiful woman.

- Andy Weber, Vice President of Sales, 44

I prefer classy lingerie that speaks of seduction. For that reason, I like it when my girlfriend wears European style thigh-high stockings.

- Jeffrey Chetcuti, Medical Director, 55

It looks like men from many walks of life enjoy a great appreciation for thigh highs! They generally view them as a great accessory that exudes power, sexuality, femininity, excitement, effortlessness, mystery, confidence, maturity…The list can go on. Clearly thigh highs mean many things to many men, but what truly matters is how they make you and your ideal man feel. As a newbie to thigh highs, we recommend giving the CLAUDIA line a try to entice your next conquest and ease into the trend of thigh high hosiery.

July 07, 2017

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