Did you know the underwear you've worn on New Year could've candidly been deciding your fate? If you didn't – don't worry – other people knew it for you.

It's a color-coded superstition...

… stating the shade of your smalls brings about different fortunes. Yellow briefs foretell great riches and prosperity, while red promises love and romance. Waving the white flag takes on another meaning as white underwear claims a peaceful year on the horizon.

Here at VienneMilano, we're prepared to take the next logical step and push this superstition into the modern-day. How? We suspect that stockings, thigh highs, and tights also have fortune telling powers of their own. Their colors can also tell a future tale in our opinion!

And that's not the only reason everyone refreshes their underwear drawer as they reel in the New Year. Usually, it's right about time. The elastic is wearing, and holes are threatening to show – who needs to waddle their way into the new year?

But why limit yourself?

It's also time to try on a new you. What last year may have been fabric, comfortable whites have often been swapped for silk, sultry reds. Why not allow your imagination to soar and dare to broaden your lingerie horizons? Stockings are making a kicking comeback; they're flashing on catwalks and appearing in collections from Gucci to Fendi. Every trend radar is pointing in their direction as they witness a clear style renaissance. Make stockings your resolutions this year.

And we're here for that resolution.

So, whatever option you're resolved on this coming New Year's, we suggest you take a peep outside the underwear section.

What's waiting for you on the fringes isn't quite so scary; instead, it's the cherry on top of every perfect lingerie drawer.

Thigh highs. Stockings for Christmas stockings. Those delightful clip-held tights that just do something to us – they drive us wild.

Thigh highs, stockings, stay ups and all things nice

Why stop at underwear when there's a world of nylon delight tempting you to try on its beauty.

If it could coax in Vivien Leigh, Rita Hayworth, and now Dua Lipa and Kourtney Kardashian, can we really resist? And since we're already head over heels, you can bet we've got a list of recommendations for you – starting with our crowd-favorites.

Our best sellers fly off the shelves for a reason

When you wear them, you decide who you are. Femme fatale, seductress, aspiring CEO, dancing queen, catwalker, Sunday stroller, or whatever takes your fancy – these are your blank canvas pieces. Or, in other words – the must-haves.

Our best-sellers are for all eyes and every occasion. You can take them out for a dance, dazzle first dates, pop into the office, or meet the family. They're the perfect fashion ally for day-to-day life, adding depth, intrigue, and a touch of Italian haute couture to any outfit. And let's not forget that we offer them in all the colors of the festively-friendly rainbow. Red, yellow, gold – whatever your heart desires.

So stock up, pull them up, and strut into the new year as the new stocking-wearing you!

And before we get too swept up in all this nylon glory, we'd like to draw attention to our really, really must haves.


As we mentioned above, your underwear holds much more power than you think and not only through its apparent fortune-bending abilities. Would it be presumptuous to say that slipping into a curve-hugging, silky smooth pair of sultry panties changes you as a person? We all know that million bucks feeling; the crisp, freshness – like nothing can take the wind out of our fabulous sails. That's what wearing our underwear feels like, and it's what you deserve while braving the new year.

Once again, we recommend a fiery red if you're looking for love and white if you need a little bit of smooth sailing on the horizon.

Back to stockings

Shimmy, strut or march into the New Year in confidence. With stockings on your legs and a clean slate ahead – the world is your nylon-covered oyster! You can do anything when you're on trend, in fashion, and feeling fabulous! So please, do yourself a favor this year and stock up on stockings.


Stay up late and face down the new year with your new stay ups; they're the extra support we all need as we cruise into the unknown! Make 2022 your own. Get started by claiming 15% off your next order with our discount code FRESHPAIR – it's what you deserve.
December 17, 2021

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