Anyone who wants to try something daring for a wedding night or even a date night with a special someone needs a sexy bra. It makes you feel desirable and sets the overall mood for you and your partner. However, shopping for a sexy bra can be overwhelming for many women. It's especially true when you're shopping online and can't fit the bra before buying. To make the right choice for an intimate moment with your man, you need to be aware of a few things. In this guide, you'll learn some useful tips on how to find the perfect bra for your sexy lingerie with just a few clicks of a button.

The Right Type Of Bra

It's essential to know the best type of bra for a sexy time with your special someone. Well, bras are a staple in every woman's wardrobe, so it's not surprising that they come in a wide array of designs. You have many choices, from bras with underwire and push-ups to padded and non-padded ones.

However, there are specific types of bras for certain occasions. And if you're going for the sexy look, you should try a push-up or full coverage bra. Such kinds of bras push the breasts up, thus, emphasizing them. In addition to full coverage and push-up bras, you might also want to take a look at balconette and plunge bras for your sexy time.

When choosing the correct bra type, don't forget to consider your breast shape. That's because some bra styles suit a specific breast shape best. For example, women with wide-set breasts should go for balconette bras. Padded bras, however, should work well for those with small breasts.

The Right Size

Before shelling money for that sexy bra you've been eyeing online, make sure you know your bra size. Knowing the right size for you is vital in ensuring that you get sexy but also comfortable bra sets. If you don't know your size, it's time to get measured by a professional in a lingerie specialist store. Of course, you can also do the measuring yourself using measurement instructions that you can find on the web. Just don't forget that you need both the measurement for your cup size and band size.

When figuring out your bra size, here's an important tip: find your sister sizes, too! Yes, you heard it right, sister sizes. Those are the sizes that you'll get when going one up or down for both your cup size and band size. So, if the perfect size for you is 34C, your sister sizes would be 32C and 36B. What's the importance of finding your sister sizes, you may ask? Well, your sister size can solve fit issues with your typical size. It will also give you another option if the sexy bra that you've fallen for in your favorite online store doesn't have a stock of your size.

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Also, it's essential to note that you have to be measured, ideally, once a year. That's because hormonal changes due to pregnancy, weight gain or loss, and age can also affect your breasts' size throughout your life.

The Right Brand

Another important consideration when shopping for sexy bras online is the brand of the product. If you've already developed some brand loyalty when it comes to bras, this shouldn't be much of a concern. That's because you already know how your favorite brand's products will fit you. However, if you don't have a specific bra line in mind, know that brands don't fit exactly the same, even if they claim a particular product to be of a specific size. The best thing to do is get your prospective brand's size chart or talk to their customer service representative to really scope out their sizing details.

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The Right Color

Sexy bras come in a wide range of colors, so it won't be surprising for some to catch your attention immediately when seeing them online. While there's nothing wrong with adding to your cart the first to grab your attention, check first how it will look on your body. If you have darker-toned skin, it's best to buy bright-colored sexy bras to rock your sex appeal. However, neutral colors are the best bet for lighter-skinned women.

How It's Made

While the visual impact of the sexy bra is an important consideration, it's also essential to check how it's made. That said, don't forget to look into the fabric and see if it feels good when worn. As much as possible, go for breathable materials for maximum comfort. Cotton, bamboo, and other natural materials are good choices in this case. Also, keep in mind that bras are subject to a lot of strain when you're wearing them. That's why they need to be made from sturdy materials. Ensure that they have a bit of elasticity in them, too. The last thing you want is to receive a bra that's so delicate that they feel like they're tearing every time you move.

Read Reviews

Knowing the right bra type, size, color, and brand for you won't be of much help if you're unable to try the sexy bra before paying for it. Fortunately, many online stores now allow customers to write reviews about their products. Take advantage of it by always reading the reviews of a particular product after carefully considering all the things mentioned and discussed above.

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Of course, some reviews from real women are more insightful, especially if you can see other women's height or bra size. For instance, knowing that a woman who has the same bra size as you found that a specific product ran a little tight can be helpful when deciding what size to choose.

Final Thoughts

Wearing something sexy can give shy women a confidence boost. So, if you're looking to seduce your man, you can't go wrong with a sexy bra. The good news is that buying a new sexy bra is easier than ever now that you can already purchase one online from the comfort of your home. Hopefully, what you learned from this guide can help you find a sexy bra that's going to make you look fabulous in that one daring night you plan to surprise your special someone with.
December 24, 2021

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