Dear VienneMilano,
Help! I recently purchased a pair of thigh highs from an unnamed brand (they weren't your stockings), and keep rolling down! I've worn it a few times just to try it out, and they won't stay up. I intentionally bought this pair of stockings for an event – now I'm not sure what to do. Any advice?
Santina R.

Thigh highs, also going under the name of stay-ups, are specifically made to stay up.

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All of which can be a little confusing and a lot frustrating when they start to fall down. “Why is this happening to me?” “Why won't my thigh highs stay up?” we hear you ask. Don't worry – it's not an entirely rare hitch and we know just the solution.

To give you a little clarity and control in this time of turmoil, we are going to get to grips with the six possible reasons your stockings won't stay up.

Here's Why Your Stockings are Falling Down

You're Not Wearing Them Right

Have you pulled your thigh highs all the way up to the top of your legs? Thigh highs are designed to sit on the very top of your thigh. A lovely feature of most thigh highs is that they'll let you know when they're ready to rest. Don't pull too hard or too lightly when slipping your thigh highs up. The moment they politely suggest, "I don't want to go any further," that's where you let them lie.

As well, your stockings won't stay up if you are wearing thigh highs over your knee.

You Have the Incorrect size

It may seem obvious, but sometimes the solution is delightfully obvious! So, we ask, are you wearing the right size? Stocking sizing isn't always easy to get to grips with. So, we recommend you check with the manufacturer's size chart. You might be surprised to find that the band size is simply too large for your leg.

Absence of Silicone Band

Are your stockings made with silicone (gel-like material), or does it use a rubber band? Rubber bands can get stretched out, which prevents your hosiery from staying up. With proper care, thigh highs made with silicone bands can last for years and stay up.

Silicone strip

Thigh High Imposters

Not to alarm you, but your "Thigh highs" may not be what you think! To check the true identity of your hosiery, take a look at the top of your stockings. Do you see a silicone or rubber band? If not, then what you have on your hands is a product designed to be held up by garter belts – they simply won't hold up alone.

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Not Properly Maintained

Are you drying your thigh highs in the dryer? Dryers can destroy beautiful clothing – including your stockings, thus altering the way your hosiery stays up. Be sure to check out our how to wash stockings guide and get to know our recommended washing detergent.

Slippery Body Lotion

Not to place the blame anywhere but square on your thigh highs, but sometimes the problem really is you – and that's okay! Are you wearing body lotion on your leg? Body lotion is fantastic for dry skin – not so much for keeping your hosiery in place. So next time, be sure to put your lotion on a few hours before slipping into your thigh highs. Or rub it in thoroughly to ensure your thigh highs can get a good grip on your leg.

So, why do Stockings Roll Down?

As we can see from above, stockings roll down for several reasons. In general, stockings roll down if they're not worn properly or in the wrong size. They can also roll down if they're not properly taken care of, if they aren't made with a silicon band, or if there's slippery lotion on the leg.

Why do my Thigh Highs Keep Slipping?

The culprit you're looking for is gravity. Thigh highs don't stay up on their own (that is, unless they're high quality thigh highs with a reassuring silicone band.) They need a little extra support in the shape of garter belts and clips that fasten to the thigh highs stockings to hold them in place on your leg.

How do I Stop my Thigh Highs From Rolling Down?

Simple: Fashion tape. It's easy to come by (look in Walmart or Walgreens,) incredibly affordable, and a breeze to apply. Just tick the tape between your legs and your thigh highs, and voila! You can go about your day without a care in the world. Or, if you'd prefer to skip the tape, be sure to only purchase premium thigh highs with a silicone band in future.

How do I Keep my Support Stockings From Rolling Down?

There are a few strategies you can apply to keep your support stockings from rolling down. Firstly, you might want to try body adhesives such as sock glue or fashion tape. Or, you could always invest in a garter belt that can hold the stockings up with clips. Interestingly, while we've just suggested that lotion could be a reason your stockings fall down – the opposite can be true for support and compression stockings!

How do you keep Thigh High Stockings up Without a Garter Belt?

Generally, thigh highs do not require a garter belt. Premium thigh high stockings feature a silicone (or rubber) band, making it almost impossible to use with a garter belt. You may see photos of women wearing garter belts and thigh highs, but things aren't always what they seem to be!

Does Hairspray Keep Thigh Highs up?

Yes, hairspray is a magical miracle-worker! But always thread (spray) cautiously. Hairspray and skin aren't always a good mix, with irritation and rashes always being a possibility. A light spraying (never go too heavy) can help to reinforce the fibers in your thigh highs once you have put them on, essentially causing them to embrace your leg more firmly. Hairspray even has the added benefit of removing stains. However, you shouldn't need to apply hairspray if your thigh highs are good quality and are designed with a silicone band, which is good news, considering hairspray should never be applied to silicone (the alcohol in hairspray can impact the magical silicone that helps keep the stockings up.) Another fact to consider: High-quality thigh highs are made with everything they need to stay up without the help of anything else!

What is Sock Glue?

While sock glue shouldn't be necessary if your thigh highs are made with silicone, it can still help stockings and thigh highs to defy gravity when needed. Usually coming in roll-on containers, the glue can be slicked over the skin where the band of your stockings lies. The formula is entirely skin-safe and washes off with water, meaning no pesky flakes are left behind, and your thigh highs stay in pristine shape.

Keeping up With Stay ups

There are several possibilities for your dilemma – but honestly, it doesn't matter. Why go through the hassle? Instead, pamper yourself with luxury, and buy yourself a fabulous pair of stockings from – our customer service is always available to assist. Our stockings are made in Italy using the most exquisite material, including premium silicone bands. Our size also ranges from small to 3XL.

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August 14, 2020

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