It's that time of month again - time to put one of our products on their rightfully earned throne and shed some light on their glory. Or, in other words, it's time to pick our style of the month. This month, (drum roll please) we have...



What can we say about ILARIA other than that she's here to save the world? ILARIA is the stocking of the future. "Stop with these vague statements" we hear you cry! Okay, okay – ILARIA is eco-friendly. But really, hear us out when we tell you she's a superhero.

The eco-conscious stocking

All in a day's work for ILARIA is taking used nylons and breathing life back into them. Before they can glimpse the warehouse in the sky (landfill), ILARIA seizes them and wrings out their past beauty – every last drop of it.

To do this, she sources her materials from across the globe, and from them, she fashions her wonderful self. In return, she asks nothing of the world other than it appreciates her sustainable beauty and enjoys wearing her wherever they see fit (her happy spot is your wardrobe, FYI.)

As you may have guessed by now, ILARIA is our no.1 this April in honor of Earth Day!

But here's a few reasons why every day should be ILARIA's day.

What makes ILARIA even more special?

Wear her where and how you choose to: Firstly, we'd just like to point out that she embodies classic elegance in a sort of glamourous vintage kind of way. For that reason alone, we've always thought she's welcome anywhere. She adds a touch of spice to the workplace while seeing herself through to the night, where she captivates, seduces, and well – enjoys herself!

ILARIA Italian ecofriendly stockings

Another reason we believe ILARIA is a 24-hour pair of stockings is that she's a friend of most shoes. Stillettos, boots, flats? You name it, she can jive with it. Black tames her for daywear while red coaxes out her feisty side. However, she works fantastically with suede pumps, ballerina flats for a more delicate look while black boots enhance her minimalist-chic style.

Divine Design: How is one pair of stockings so endlessly diverse and flexible? Her secret lies within her symmetrical, simple, yet exquisite knit pattern that's neither overstated nor understated – always just right. And her Goldilocks idealism doesn't end there. Keeping in line with perfection is the solid band that holds ILARIA fast!

Italian Perfection: Before we go on, we should mention that ILARIA's birthplace is Italy, where all of her preloved nylons are expertly weaved and crafted to make her! The final product is a silky-smooth and resilient pair of stockings.

ILARIA, ever the giver, bestows one last thing upon us: A good, clean and delightfully green conscience! By purchasing her sustainable goodness, you're broadcasting to the world that you mean business when it comes to the environment. You know that you can save the world in style because making the right choice should never mean having to sacrifice on style (according to VienneMilano's philosophy!)

When you invite ILARIA into your life, you're investing in yourself, your closet, and hope for a better future. Support ILARIA's efforts and wear her with beautiful, well-deserved pride!

April 01, 2022

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