Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
― Martha Graham

Dancing is written in our DNA. On the intertwined strands, you'll find it somewhere between happiness and stockings. Look closer still, and you'll discover leg warmers and passion. At VienneMilano, we may not have leg warmers, but we can offer you the rest. Our luxury collection of stockings and dancing is an unbeatable duo, with many of our customers waltzing them onto the dance floor or spinning under the disco ball in retro style. So, we're whirling into International Dance Day with a bit of education and a lot of fashion! Starting with...

What is International Dance Day?

Every year, when April 29th rolls around, boogie fever spreads across the globe.

And make no mistake, the day wasn't chosen at random. This dancing day was picked in honor of Jean-Georges Noverre – the father of modern ballet. Unimpressed by the rigid and ‘meaningless' performances of the time, Noverre made it his business to inject some personality back into dance. He wanted drama, exuberance, beauty, and life, and can you really blame him for that? His conviction that dance should tell a story has set the scene for dance as we know it today.

But why does dancing get its own day?

Even in its most controlled, choreographed form, dancing is an act of pure freedom. And a recent study suggests we're born to dance, with babies being able to bop along to a beat from as early as 5 months old. So from that precocious age on, dance forms a large part of our life, whether we like it or not. What starts as clumsy toddler dancing becomes teenage bedroom boogieing and fast turns to throwing shapes at the club before you waltz your way through your first dance with the love of your life.

Dancing is also known to reduce stress, release tension, build muscle and generally improve our well-being, helping us to feel and look fantastic.

And despite dance being a part of the human experience, it often falls afoul of the typical dismissive treatment delved out to the various art forms.

How do you celebrate international dance day?

  • Dance!
  • Take a dance class
  • Impromptu improv jam in a public place.
  • Attend a dance performance

Or, our personal favorite - dress up as a dancer!

Of course, that means stockings! Tights provide light compression, helping dancers to “feel” their legs and engage the correct muscles. What's more, they provide unrestricted movement allowing you to tear up the dance floor while looking absolutely fabulous.

What's more, dancing and dressing are both forms of natural self-expression. And they just so happen to make the perfect pair. The more color on the dance floor, the better. The right outfit adds texture, life, and soul to your moves, helping you to claim your title as the dancing queen!

What stockings do we recommend for the dance floor?


ISABELLA thigh highs are the perfect companion for foxtrots, waltzes, ballroom dancing, etc. The silky smooth satin feels fantastic and looks irresistibly attractive, enhancing the natural curves and lines of your legs so that all attention is brought to your moves.


CLAUDIA is the dancing queen's stocking of choice. Loaded with color-pop shades, there's a CLAUDIA for every dance floor. However, we'd recommend these retro-chic beauties for funkier nights to help you let your hair down and throw your best shapes.


Fishnets bring heat to the dance floor. They spike your confidence and help you lay claim to any dance floor. These fish net-style thigh highs add a touch of sass to any outfit. And, coming in striking colors from hot pink to neon green – all eyes are on you.


We dance because we can. The freedom helps us to express our beautiful selves and feel stunningly gorgeous in the moment as we feel the rhythm. So, why not go all out? Dancing is daring, and stockings are just the confidence boost you need to set foot on the floor. So, what are you waiting for? Show them what you've got with your gorgeously stockinged pins this International Dance Day!
April 15, 2022

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