Returning to the office space after over two years is exciting, but presents new difficulties. Routines we used to follow without a second thought we suddenly have to remember how to do.

Getting out of bed with enough time to actually get ready and commute to work.

Packing a lunch.

Dressing professionally.

If you haven't been to the office in awhile, you might look at your current wardrobe and wonder: Is any of this stuff even still in style?

Best tights for work

It might be a great time to spruce up your business attire. Adding items like stockings and pantyhose into your weekly business clothing rotation is a great way to look polished and professional without completely breaking the bank.

The Right Stockings at the Right Time

Choosing the right stockings for your workplace really depends on what type of environment you're employed in. High-powered positions that still stick to professional attire will be critical of brightly colored or patterned tights. Rather, you might stick with monochrome colors such as nude, black, tan, or navy.

On the other hand, if your workplace dress code is more business casual or creative, you will likely have much more flexibility to wear a spectrum of colorful stockings. Take your cues from your managers and coworkers - if they aren't breaking out the colorful tights, it may be wise to hold off and stick to matte thigh highs until you're sure it's a norm.

Black stockings

Likewise, if your office dress code says the company is business casual, you might be able to add more color than if the code is conservative professional. Even in a business casual setting, you'll need to be prepared to dress up for big meetings or company events, and may choose to err on the side of professionalism with neutral colors and plain hose. You can still be fashionable and professional at the same time wearing pointelle tights with a fashionable knit pattern. Once casual Fridays come around, feel free to experiment a little more. You may try putting together the perfect outfit for sparkle tights, for example.

Pulling your entire outfit together will also help you determine which stockings are going to be right for the office, and accessories are important for pulling an outfit together; your shoes, for example, should play off your belt and, for example your glasses, to pull together a complete "look." For those who like to keep it relatively simple, accessorize from bottom to top; shoes and stockings on the bottom, your belt, bag, or jewelry will complement those, and your glasses round them all out. Even if you don't wear prescription spectacles, you can accessorize with blue-light glasses while protecting your eyes at the same time. Hats and hair ribbons can also be good accessories to round out a look.

Stockings for Every Season

You may believe that stockings and hose are only meant for the winter months, but stockings can be worn in any and all climates. Stockings serve many purposes, and are prepared to keep you warm (or cool) no matter the time of year.

Sheer thigh highs for work

Working in a warm, sunny location can be great for your mental health, but wearing skirt suits and polyester blouses can leave you feeling sweaty in the summer months. Thin pantyhose are a great, breathable choice to go with your favorite pencil skirt and blouse. Sheer styles in light colors are great for spring and summer, as they trap less light and heat and can wick away sweat.

When choosing stockings for the weather, it is important to understand the denier. Denier is a measurement used to determine the opacity, thickness, strength, and warmth of your tights. The higher the denier (D or DEN rating), the thicker and more opaque they'll be. You'll want to make sure you have stockings from all across the DEN scale so you're covered no matter the weather.

Finding the Perfect Stocking for You

Ultimately, the perfect stocking for you is going to be the one that makes you feel fabulous and beautiful. They might be simple black pantyhose that make you feel professional and chic, or a simple patterned stocking that helps show your personality through the business casual dress code. The right stockings for you might even be compression stockings that help reduce swelling in your legs and ankles.

The great thing about stockings is that they come in all shapes and sizes and work for every body type. There are hundreds of ways to express your unique style by wearing tights. When adding tights to your business wardrobe, don't consider them an afterthought; look at them as an accessory that is vital to elevating your outfit.

thigh highs for work

Heading back to the office is not only a change in routine, it's a chance to reinvent your business self and update your wardrobe. Adding stockings into your daily rotation can not only elevate your style, but it can help boost your confidence and make you a more self-assured worker. There are many options out there that make it easy to find the right stocking that matches your office dress code, the season, and your unique style — it's up to you to find them.

April 22, 2022

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