Tights are the classic supportive layer that's slowly but surely becoming accustomed to stealing the show. More on-trend than ever, tights are witnessing a bit of a revolution in real-time. What was once a black or neutral palette has blossomed into various styles, designs, colors, patterns, and anything else that the fashion industry and its loyal fashionista fans can't get enough of at the moment.

Sheer tights

That's why it's more important than ever to put some thought into where your tights are coming from to ensure you get nothing but the best. To save you time and effort doing the research, we've tried and tested some of the biggest brands on the tights scenes. So, in our opinion, here's our pick of the best tights of 2023 and exactly what we thought of them!

A Review: Top Tights in 2023


Having started out in 1950 as a producer of pure silk and rayon stockings, Wolford has evolved into the quintessential exclusive legwear, bodywear, and accessories brand for many women over time. Headquartered in Bregenz on Lake Constance in Austria, they have branched out worldwide, making them an international company that solidifies their reputation as fashion pioneers year over year.

Wolford Tights

All that considered, they're primarily known and loved for their incredible bodysuit collection that's constantly being refreshed, developed, and reimagined for perfection. That said, what we're concerned with are their very many tights, and we don't say very many lightly – their tights collection is huge. If you think we're exaggerating, just head on over to their website, where you'll find page after page of tights in every color, style, pattern, and shape you could possibly imagine.

How we managed to pick from the huge selection is beyond us, but we think we did well, as the tights we received were simply sublime. The prices were a little lofty but we put that down to the large size of the company and the overhead costs that often accompany that status!


Founded by Kerry O'Brien, Commando is an innovative brand at the forefront of comfort-comes-first wear alongside a dedication to all things sustainable, making them a slow fashion tights brand.

Commando Tights

Commando is a brand about you – and it shows. Their claim to fit-test all of their garments rings comfortably true with an extra soothing side of “ethically sourced material,” meaning Commando tights feel great in more ways than one.

So, while the general consensus is that Commando tights are comfortable, stylish, and get the job done – there's a noticeable lack of color or variation in the collection. Overlooking this monochrome preference for a moment, one look at their tights line reveals a range of styles, including scalloped net and sheer leopard tights. In between, you'll find all the sheer and opaque goodness your heart good desire.

In terms of pricing, Commando are a little more on the pricy side, but you pay for what you get with them, meaning that stepping into their tights simply feels luxurious. The material feels fantastic on the leg, immediately imparting a hit of confidence and comfort. This comes with the piece-of-mind of a clearly well-made garment that you can feel as you move – it's not going to tear; you just know it!


Founded in Verona by Italian entrepreneur Sandro Veronesi in 1986, Calzedonia has had some time to develop its vision and grow – and grow it did. Over the years, the fashion group has seen 5,000 of its stores pop up worldwide, becoming a semi-household name in the process. During this time, many brands rose up under its name, including Intimissimi and Tezenis.

Despite the rapid and impressive expansion, their main selling point still remains the same: reliable, well-made Italian-style socks, tights, leggings, and beachwear at an affordable price. In fact, they're named for their trade, with “Calze” essentially meaning “tights” or “underwear” in Italian.

What Makes Their Tights the Best of 2023?

It's a mix of this affordability and quality that wins them a spot on the list because, as we noted while trying their tights on for the first time, there's a certain lack of “occasion” that comes with the other brands' tights. That's not to say they didn't feel and look great. They certainly got the job done and were entirely reliable, not bunching or tearing once throughout the day! However, as a large company, a lot of their money is funnelled into overhead costs, meaning the quality of their products suffers a little (but not a lot!)


VienneMilano are a luxury hosiery brand that deals in sublime styles at delightfully affordable prices. Founded by Vienne Brown, VienneMilano crafts their luxury items from Italian-made fabrics while drawing on Italian style expertise. There's a hint of sensuality that can be heard in their brand voice, that's reflective of their many, varied collections. In fact, one of the most attractive aspects of this relatively new brand (whose skyrocketing popularity is reason enough to check them out,) is the personification of their products, with each of their styles claiming an Italian name, altogether very in line with their Italian-sourced materials.

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Their thigh high and tights collection is delightfully eclectic with styles varying from coral motifs, to fishnets, with floral iterations here and there alongside the finest of opaques and sheers. In our estimation, to wear VienneMilano is to feel like a queen. There's a certain warmth and charm to each pair that simply fills you with confidence while leaving you feeling like a million bucks – a must-see that fast becomes a must-buy.

VienneMilano stockings

As well, what we really liked about VienneMilano is their dedication and sole focus on producing hosiery. As a small brand, they face little overhead costs meaning they offer the best quality for the most reasonable price.

Disclaimer: We're blurring lines a little bit here, but nobody has to know. Why? Well, VienneMilano deals mainly in thigh highs which technically aren't tights. Thigh highs go partially up the leg, resting around the thigh with a firm band that holds them in place. Some of their thigh highs are also designed in the classic style, AKA held up by clips attached to a garter that's positioned around the waist. So, yes – not tights – but who's going to know that when all they see is the fabulous fabric sculpting your leg? Exactly!


Founded by Katherine Homuth in 2017 in Montreal, Quebec, Sheertex's aim was always to solve an age-old dilemma: tights ripping too soon. Impressively and in a short matter of time, Sheertex developed tights made of ballistic-grade fibers called Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE.) Apparently, this material is ten time stronger than steel and also used in bulletproof vests, making it no surprise that it apparently withstands 50 wears. That said, if you're picturing clunky tights that make every step a chore – think again. Somehow, Sheertex has crafted this incredible material to retain its strong, tear-proof powers while also exhibiting all of the comfy, cozy, and flexible features that make a classic pair of tights worth wearing.


Priding themselves on selling the “world's toughest tights,” we had high hopes for Sheertex. We're pleased to say we weren't let down. We put a pair of Sheertex's allegedly unrippable tights to the test, and wouldn't you know it – they didn't rip! You truly do feel that extra layer of reassurance and peace of mind throughout the day, and we think they're the first pair of tights we would've thrown into the washing machine without (too much of) a care in the world. What's more, they've also turned this material into many designs and styles, meaning that you can go with Sheertex's extra strength for every occasion, mood, and moment.

Tightening up

Wolford, Commando, Calzedonia, VienneMilano, and Sheertex all make our top list this year of the best tights of 2023. While each tights brand has earned their place for different reasons, they all display features of reliable, high-quality legwear design and production, which shows in their products.
January 27, 2023

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