In today's world, personality tests are all the rage as so many people are eager to learn more about themselves. In fact, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which is arguably the most popular personality test out there, has been taken about 50 million times since the 60s, and every year, 2 million people continue to take or retake the test to know their inner strengths. But did you know that underwear can also be a good indicator of one's personality?

red panties

Most people would assume that a person who wears bold clothing or the latest fashion trends is more outgoing than someone who favors a simple tee with jeans. However, underwear may reveal one's true colors since it's worn close to the skin, and it can say so much more about a person's true personality. This is why someone who's usually in regular clothing may be far more interesting than you think. Eager to find out more? Here's what your underwear says about you.

Brief Style Panties

Wearing brief-style panties means that you're a no-nonsense person who likes to get things done the right way. You value comfort above all and dislike wearing anything tight, itchy, or anything that may cause you pain. You like things that you can run around in since you're an active and busy person with a lot of things on your plate. But this doesn't mean that you're averse to pretty things. Apart from cotton brief-style panties, you also own ones in a bold color, such as Berlei's Beauty Deep Brief in rich red. Embellished with a satin bow and elegant lace detailing, wearing something like this makes you feel powerful, confident, and beautiful at the same time.

Strappy Thong

If your underwear of choice is a thong such as the Playful Promises' Ayla Sheer Mesh Strappy Thong, you're a person who values perfection-- it's the main reason why you go with underwear that doesn't give you visible panty lines. You're also highly creative, which is why a career in fashion may be perfect for you. You could end up creating a new clothing brand by teaming up with clothing manufacturers, or perhaps you could be a stylist to the stars. You're also quite ambitious and have no qualms about saying what's on your mind, which often works in your favor. For you, image is everything, which is why you spend time and money to look your best, but it's all because you want to present your best self to the world.

Lace Panties

If you love lace panties, you're fond of beautiful, dainty pieces, and the more feminine they are, the better. You also like putting things together in such a way that they fit your aesthetic, whether it's your outfit or your bedroom decor. You love it when people dote on you, but you also tend to indulge the people that you love. You also like to pair your undies with a matching bra, especially if you want to feel extra special. Spoil yourself with a hot pink pair of lace panties, such as Gossard's Glossies Lace Panties, which have nature-inspired embellishments to complement your feminine energy.

Your underwear says a lot about your personality, so pick a style that suits you the most. Shop VienneMilano's collection of panties to find the best undies that work for you!

April 14, 2023

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