Lefties rejoice! We've heard your call for left-handed friendly stockings, and we've answered. So, get ready to slip effortlessly into our new line of stockings purposely designed with lefties in mind.


No Women Left Behind: Stockings for an Inclusive World

At VienneMilano, we believe being a leftie doesn't mean you should be left out. We aim to become the “left-hand woman” to fashionista southpaws who're sick of their legwear feeling a little too “right.”


Often neglected by the fashion industry, we've taken it upon ourselves to spark a revolution of legwear designed specifically for left-handed people.

A Systemic Issue?

Across the board, left-handed people are subject to undeserved discrimination. Historically, they were labeled as “clumsy,” but how could they be anything else when their world is back to front? Even more shocking still, they were associated with the devil, and not the type that wears Prada.

Neglected by the Fashion Industry

Lefties have often been shunned by fashion labels. We suspect this might be related to the negative connotations associated with left-handers throughout history. Not willing to “dirty” their marketing strategies or the reputation of their collections, many have steered away from even addressing the subjugation of lefties in the fashion industry – the prospect of left-handed lines and collections isn't even on the table.

Girl wearing gray dress and black sheer tights

However, since roughly 10% of the world population is left-handed, we believe they should really reevaluate the table.

What's more, lefthanded women, traditionally, have been known for their soft spot for soft nylon. Queen Victoria, not content with having an entire era named after herself, also decided to set stockings on the fast track to global trending status, which they've yet to shake. Yes, she was left-handed. Sarah Jessica Parker, who lent her legs to many iconic Carrie Bradshaw stocking styles, also just happens to be left-handed.

We're Making a Change

There comes a time when every injustice has to give way to change, and we've decided to set the ball rolling.

How are we Going to do it?

We already have the machinery; all we had to do was flip it 1800. Our stockings are specifically knitted by a special machine that's rotated at 180 degrees, making it easier for left-handed people to put on the stockings. While we plan to expand our left-handed leggings collection soon, for now, it features a few favorites that we've hand-selected from our bestsellers. These brave styles are going where no stockings have ever gone before, and we're here to help them every step along the way. From pioneering production to making a statement on your legs, ISABELLA, ALBA, and LUANA are up to the job.

Stockings for garter belt

A Cause Close to my Heart

Born right-handed to a family with left-handed members, I have seen upfront how they grapple with the world around them. They struggle with trivial tasks like cutting cucumbers back to front and staying on the right side of the road – I knew I had to do something about it. It occurred to me that I, Vienne of VienneMilano, could make left-handed people's lives easier with left-footed stockings – the rest is history.

A thank you from all of us at VienneMilano

As compensation for their suffering, we're offering the left-footed among you 20% off our collection of stockings. Don't get left behind! We invite you to sample this revolutionary wear with discount code: APRILFOOLSDAY
April 01, 2023


Michael said:

Although it’s a joke, I’m still willing to try a few pair to see if there’s a difference, lol! Any excuse for a new pair of stay-ups.

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