At VienneMilano, if there's one thing we'd like to sing from our rooftops and spread worldwide for all to hear, it's that lingerie doesn't discriminate, and neither do we.

And we mean it.

Sure, you'll always find a naysayer dwelling around every corner, but their weakness is forever and always your confidence and self-assuredness.

That said, there was a time when thigh highs, garters, stockings, and the entire lingerie family were much more Jean Harlow than Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately, for some reason, as a society, we're clinging to that mindset rather than moving with the times.

The ever-changing status of thigh highs and stockings

Since its inception, hosiery has weaved its way through numerous styles, trends, and historical moments. Its seam once rested comfortably around the calf area before shifting northwards as stringent modesty standards also lifted. Before long, spinsters were spinning comfortably with their thigh highs and garters resting around their thighs (hence the name!) At one stage, the sporting of garters around the waist, under corsets was popularized.

However, in the 50s and 60s, thigh highs leapt out of the annals of history and into high-end fashion issues. From there, their place in the modern era was solidified. When the British company "Pretty Polly" released their first "hold-ups," otherwise known as self-supporting stockings, there was no going back.

A thigh-high revolution had begun, and women were demanding comfort. Skin lines, dents, and pressure marks just wouldn't cut it anymore. For far too long, women had been restricted by uncomfortable pantyhose, almost mimicking their bounded place in society. This invention, along with the development of Lycra, freed women, allowing them to comfortable wear hosiery no matter their size. Interestingly, this development was taking place as women were making strides in terms of rights as their role in society expanded.

Stepping into a new era of thigh highs

So, while we've been standing somewhat stubbornly still, you'll find that fabric technology and the lingerie industry have plowed on ahead, making thigh highs and stockings more accessible for all. They have paved the way for a world where everyone gets to feel sexy, elegant, powerful, and oh-so feminine no matter their thigh high's dimensions.

And now to step into your thigh highs

Exactly where a pair of thigh highs fall on your leg will depend on your height and inseam. To ensure a seamless fit, check your measurements against the size chart before making any choices. Start by measuring by height before moving onto thigh circumference.

What you're looking to achieve is an immaculate fit that lies elegantly on the right part of your thigh to bring out the best our your beautiful legs.

Our Size Philosophy at VienneMilano

At VienneMilano, we want to spread the good word of thigh highs, stocking, and lingerie at large. Our aim? A world where no one is excluded from the confidence-boosting effects of thigh highs.

Through Our Permanent Collection, we hope to reflect this conviction. Our all-time best sellers are available in five sizes: Small, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, and XXXLarge. Fabulous does not have a size, neither does confidence. The words and letters of your thigh high tags should never dictate your worth or feelings. We firmly believe thigh highs are magical in their ability to give confidence to their wearer. Therefore by wearing thigh highs, you can do anything while feeling elegant, playful, and sexy on every occasion.

Now, all that's left to do is pair them with an outfit of your choice and start strutting your stuff, knowing full well your legs look absolutely fabulous. Or, skip this step and just admire your seductive self in the mirror (or allow the person of your choice to gawp at you!) Because plus size, petite, or anywhere in between – thigh highs work for you.

November 09, 2018
Tags: Fashion tips

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