Eucalan Delicate Wash (Pod)

By Eucalan

Increase the longevity of your beloved stockings and panties with Eucalan's no-rinse delicate wash pods. This travel-size washing solution is perfect for short trips.

Eucalan at a glance:

  • Single use
  • Natural antiseptic properties
  • Nontoxic and biodegradable
  • Phosphate and bleach-free

Product Details

Origin Canada
.17 US fl.oz / 5 ml

Washing Directions by hand:

♥ Fill a basin with tepid water.
♥ Add Eucalan Delicate Wash.
♥ Squeeze your stockings or lingerie gently.
♥ Soak for 15 minutes (minimum).

Ta-da! You're done.

Washing Directions by machine:

♥ Select rinse and spin (wash) cycle or delicate cycle.
♥ Add Eucalan to the dispenser drawer.
♥ Load laundry and start cycle.

Ta-da! You're done.

But wait, there's more!

Eucalan's no-rinse delicate wash is also available in a 3.3 fl oz/ 100 ml bottle. Good for approximately twenty washes.