Soak Lingerie Wash (Bottle)

By Soak

Meet Soak. The gentle, no-rinse, fabric-friendly wash that’s made to cleanse and fortify your lingerie, keeping them looking pristine for longer. The organic cleansing formula comes in a range of scent choices:

Fig: Decadent and sweet as it sizzles the senses and lightens the mood, a bit like a fig daquiri.

Yuzu: Softly citrus and hint of sweet with a sour punch, just like a bright, refreshing Yuzuri Spritz.

Pineapple Grove: Fruity-fresh, creamily indulgent and ready for fun – it's sweet Piña Colada.

Wild Mint: The essence of the first sip of a crisp, refreshing mojito as you look out over the sparkling ocean from your private beachside terrace.

Celebration: A subtly zesty scent enhanced by a hint of syrupy sweetness that’s like a bellini for the nose.

Of course, there's also an unscented alternative for those who just want to enjoy the stocking purifying and fabric life-prolonging benefits of Soak that leave your lovelies looking and feeling brand new – enjoy.

Soak at a glance:

  • For hand or machine wash
  • Approximately 18 washes
  • Natural antiseptic properties
  • Nontoxic and biodegradable
  • Phosphate and bleach-free

Product Details

Origin Canada
3 US fl.oz / 90 ml
SKU: VMLH703-12

Washing Directions by hand:

♥ Fill a basin with tepid water.
♥ Add Soak Wash.
♥ Squeeze your stockings or lingerie gently.
♥ Soak for 15 minutes (minimum).

Ta-da! You're done.

Washing Directions by machine:

♥ Select rinse and spin (wash) cycle or delicate cycle.
♥ Add Soak to the dispenser drawer.
♥ Load laundry and start cycle.

Ta-da! You're done.