At VienneMilano, we've always believed in the timeless merit (read: beauty) of stockings, pantyhose, hosiery, or however you see fit to name it. To us, the diversity and versatility of stockings are clear, and made even clearer by our varied, luxury collection!

Sheer stockings

To us, it came as no shock stockings played a starring role in 2021 trends for all ages. From Gen Z TikToks to fashion week catwalks, and piled high in our closets – stockings were everywhere. The best part? 2022 and thereafter looks promising for the hosiery scene. So if you'd like to be early to the stockings revolution and get first pick, head on over to our wide range of stockings!

For now, we'd like to give you the low-down on a recent stockings-based SNL skit that we found equal parts amusing and relevant!

Our Take on the SNL L'eggs Skit

What millennials are to avocados, Gen Z is to stockings. Right? Wrong!

According to NBC's Saturday Night Live, Gen Z's are officially anti-pantyhose and have forever relegated them to the annals of unfashionable history. We don't sell pantyhose but we do deal in something similar (hint: stockings!) so this is intriguing to us!

Prevailing upon the genius comedic timing of cast member Aidey Bryant and guest host Carey Mulligan, SNL took on 15-year-olds.

The scene:

In a school cafeteria scene taken right out of the Saved by the Bell playbook, we're met with 4 tie-dye shirt-wearing students. Suddenly, but not entirely unexpectedly, they break out into rap.


Enter our two protagonists: Sales reps dressed a la late 60s formal.

Saturday Night Live

In an attempt to ingratiate themselves with the students, they take a “hello fellow kids” approach and throw out a few raps of their own. Before long, they reveal their purpose: they're on a mission to repopularise hosiery among the youth and sell them on the merits of “L'eggs.”

Introducing L'eggs

In concept, L'eggs are actually quite the snazzy product. They're pantyhose contained within a neat, colorful plastic egg that sits right in the palm of your hand. At VienneMilano, we can't help but think how helpful that would be while packing or storing.


But we're not sure we can get behind shades off “Suntan beige” or “Chicken Tender Nude” nor how well that would resonate with our fans. They also sound like a world of discomfort! With a waistband, they'd always be too high for short women and too low for tall women, rarely just right, and entirely uninclusive! We're much more fond of the comfort thigh highs have to offer, and their elegant, sexy twist is certainly a plus. Sitting on the leg rather than the waist – thigh high can be relied on.

Old-fashioned or Vintage?

Continuing on, the skit parodies the old-fashioned reputations that stockings have recently been shaking off by saying, “For beautiful women who graduated college and are working a job in the hopes that the boss will ask her hand in marriage.” Going further still, one teen claims to not know what hosiery is, asking, “Is it for grandmas?”


Them haven grown up in the naughties, we can forgive that. However, very few teenagers have yet to see the new hot button trend that's blended everything Y2K with stockings. Who thought bucket hats and shimmering tights would go hand in hand?

The skit culminates in the teens being converted to the wonders of pantyhose. After first being wooed by legs that look like “beige, sheer columns,” they were truly won over by the persuasive PowerPoint presentation.

As for us...

We view this skit as part of a larger narrative forming around hosiery. Does it have to shed its past to become popular? Are prejudices and connotations here to stay. Or, is there a revolution happening around stockings, outwardly expressing in trends and designer collections?

Yes, here at VienneMilano, we are obsessed with stockings. So, forgive us if we've gotten a little deep on a lighthearted skit. But, since you've gotten this far – we think you deserve a treat! Why not take a look at our thigh high and stockings collection? They're classic accessories that are entirely in style at the moment – enjoy!

March 18, 2022

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