Didn't you hear? Green is the new black. Well, maybe we exaggerate a little, but never on March 17th. On St Patrick's Day, green is a must. For some, donning the color is a breeze; for others, it's a daunting task that pushes their color quota to its limits.

Here at VienneMilano, we believe green is an exquisite, earthy color full of life and self-expression that can be weaved into elegant outfits or worn head-to-toe with flawless grace.

Getting to know green

But to get comfortable wearing green this St Patrick's day, we think it goes a long way to get to know the color.

What to wear to St. Patrick's Day one

These days, we're used to seeing the whole spectrum of color available in clothing. But, once upon a time, things were a little different. In fact, if you stepped back momentarily to the Roman/Greek empires, you'd be greeted with a sea of grey.

However, when they could conjure up green, it was only worn by nobles and high-flyers (chariot riders?) And, it was widely regarded as a symbol of beauty, love, and fertility – in other words – Venus.

Contemporary green

These days, green evokes nature and serenity, still underpinning notes of ‘goddess' especially when worn right (here's looking at you, Kate Middleton.) While still not having climbed to the heights of blacks, whites, and reds – green is a relative rarity. But as the Irish proverb states, “The thing that is seldom is wonderful,” and green is certainly that.

Best green tights

According to 2021, green is making a comeback, taking the fashion world by shades. First, a gentle pastel, cool, mellow mint/sage green lowered blood pressure and changed lives on sight. Green interjected itself into the concept of “dopamine dressing” effortlessly, bringing hats, tops, shoes, and all apparel to life!

Green trends!

But it wasn't all passing trends and emotional appeals. Pantone, the all-knowers and ultimate authority on color, deemed the shade worthy of the title “Leprechaun 18-6022.” Next, they poised it to be the leading color for its Fall 2021-2022 NYFW Color Forecast before calling it a tribute to “the fun side of nature.” Bottega Veneta, The Attico, and Balenciaga took it from there, playing with various shades from Kelly green to bold, electric hues in their Spring collections.

So, forget about envy; green now suggests security, abundance, love, growth, and balance, all of which you can claim by wearing a little (or a lot of) green when you need it most. Whenever you require perspective and crave grounding, calm, generous energy – green is your go-to

Dressing the part

When you're getting ready for St Patrick's day celebrations this year, remember that you know the color. And what's more, you own the color. So if you don't want to look like a modern-day leprechaun, you don't have to!

St. Patrick's Day outfit

Draw on inspiration from the eternally stylish Kate Middleton, who's no stranger to the color, often donning flawless outfits with shades of Forrest to olive green. The duchess's wardrobe contains some exquisite green gems ever since she took on the role of handing out Shamrock's to the Irish Guards every St Patrick's day, after marrying into the royal family.

And she's not quiet about green either, which she made clear by sporting a glittering green gown for the 2021 royal variety performance. We can't help but applaud her ability to enhance yet ground her green ensembles with contrasting green stockings that add a touch of elegance and confidence that comes naturally to those who dedicate to the color.

You too, can wield this stylish power and use green to your advantage. Ready to reveal your style and confidence with this color – green is on your side – just take a look below.

Green Stockings Inspiration

SILVIA Opaque Knee Highs

Sculpting your legs in all the right places, these Juniper green knee highs are perfect for the woman who wants to let her hair down in style and have some fun this St Patrick's Day! Unique and entirely chic, this knee high trend is right on style. Slip on a pair of black heels, your favorite black dress and you’re ready to go!

PRISCILLA Color Lace Top Thigh Highs

With just a hint of greeny undertones and overtones of sophistication, these thigh highs are made for the understated, high fashion look that adheres to the celebratory theme without losing any class.

TOSCA Matte Color Thigh Highs

Lights, camera, action! We're making any and all St Patrick's Day parades about you! Wear these color pop, Emerald, Deep Teal, or Basil Green thigh highs, and you'll be the main attractive attraction of all events! Pair with anything you see fit – the glamour of these thigh highs can't be quenched. But, we will say, these thigh highs are fantastic for those who like to go for a minimalistic outfit with an allocated “green piece.”


Teal tights


ELETTRA Matte Thigh Highs

A foundational piece with a colorful hidden secret, ELETTRA is for you if you want to look classically beautiful with a fun twist!

Neon green stockings

Get Ready to Go Green

Celebrate St Patrick's Day in style this year with VienneMilano. Be bold, creative, elegant, but most of all, be you. Make green work for you and take control of green with our range of green stockings that can't wait to celebrate the day with you!

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March 11, 2022

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